SiteMax 4.0.0 – Menu Updates

New and noteworthy updates to the (+) Add Shortcut. Feature SiteMax Legacy: (+) Menu SiteMax 4.0.0 (…) Menu Team – Greyed out – Add Internal User – Add External User – Add Company Calendar – No bottom bar – (+) in top right. Add Task – Add Task Tasks – New List – New List

5 Ways to Go Paperless with SiteMax

Old habits die hard.  It’s the age-old saying that we mutter when failing to kick an impulse. And, rightfully so, be it punting a daily puff or succumbing to the scroll of social feeds, old habits are really difficult to overcome.  The construction industry is no different. When it comes to getting rid of poor

4 Easy Ways SiteMax Can Help with Your On-Site Safety

Safety is now synonymous with on-site activity. Research from the National Institute of Health suggests that injury rates in construction are 71% higher than the average across all other industries (NIH). In 2018, this translated into over 195,000 cases of injury on construction sites according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), where penalties

Vancouver podcast digs into the stories behind the construction-site fence

Curious about what really happens during the demolition of a highrise tower? Or maybe interested in how technology is changing how workers toil at construction sites around the city? Perhaps you’re mostly interested in how older managers are getting along — or not getting along — with their young recruits on the job site. A

Case Study: Townline Construction

Townline, a developer and large construction company working out of the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, faced a pretty common challenge in Construction: they needed new technology to improve old processes, but didn’t want to introduce anything too complicated for their workers to pick up. With more workers retiring than getting hired year-to-year in Construction

The Story of SiteMax

Like many companies, SiteMax has a humble origin. Based in Vancouver and launched over five years ago, the company began as a software solution specifically for streaming information from job site to head-office via cameras and wireless internet — allowing project managers and stakeholders to monitor construction throughout the day and be able to correct

Case Study: Bold Construction

Bold Construction, a construction company based in Vancouver, sees innovation as a necessary way to stand apart in today’s Construction industry. With a vision to ‘become Canada’s most innovative Construction company’, you don’t have to go much further than their name to figure out what Bold Construction is all about. Their aim is to challenge

Introducing: The Site Visit Podcast

Leadership in Construction with perspective from the job site. The team at SiteMax is excited to announce the launch of our new podcast, The Site Visit Podcast, in partnership with our friends over at SITE Partners. Hosted by our own James Falkner and Christian Hamm, alongside Andrew Hansen, the Site Visit Podcast is about three

Construction Buzzwords in 2019: Stay On Top Of It

You’re in a meeting, terminology is being tossed around, and you get hit with one of those buzzwords everybody else seems to know (or pretends to know), but you’re not really sure what it actually means. It happens. Especially in 2019, with new tech being introduced constantly — countless acronyms and buzz terms that could

Case Study: Wales McLelland Construction

SiteMax Case Study: Wales McLelland Construction from SiteMax Systems on Vimeo. Wales McLelland Construction, a Vancouver-based Contractor, has been hitting deadlines, meeting budgets and providing industry expertise in the construction industry for nearly 50 years — which translates into half a century of change, agility and growth. With 2020 just around the corner, as a