Frequently asked questions

Is everyone I put in SiteMax a paid user? What is considered a user?

You only pay for admin and manager users. Managers can be in the office ( Project Managers ) and out in the field ( Superintendents, Foreman, Safety Officers ). Team members who you have on a project and are recording time for themselves don't count toward your bill.

How does pricing work?

We have two pricing options for the Pro Plan, you can estimate how many paid users (see above) you will have in the year and we will provide you an invoice for the discounted yearly price. If you wish to pay monthly, you are charged monthly for the amount of active users you have in the system via credit card. Elite ECS Plan particulars are established via a discovery of our clients specific needs. Elite payments can be paid by electronic transfer, cheque, or credit card.

Which plan is right for me?

Most clients use the Pro Plan and use our stock forms and do pay yearly to save on cost. The yearly savings do make sense if are rolling out with your team, as a year will go by in no time.