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SiteMax is the trusted technology partner for 150,000+ projects and empowers 10,000+ daily users to streamline their construction management processes and communication. For 10 years, SiteMax’s vision is to arm the construction industry with Simple and Power software that is built for and by construction professionals. SiteMax is proud to serve clients around the world including Canada, USA, Europe, and Australia.

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Elias Baribeau from Baribeau Construction

“We wouldn’t be able to continue the growth trajectory we were on without SiteMax. It wouldn’t be possible with the amount of coordination, site documentation, the pace that the industry expects you to move at, and the level of detail that you’re expected to document as a modern-day general contractor. So you need to have a technology solution that works with your team. And for us, SiteMax became that solution.”

Elias baribeau

VP of Operations, Baribeau Construction
Kyle Scott, Wales McLelland Construction

“What I like most about SiteMax is the in depth reporting and tracking, to go back and see project details months after a project is completed. A client will ask about a footing, a sidewalk, what’s under the sidewalk and with a million things going on as a General Superintendent, seeing photos and daily site reports of a given day, helps a ton.”

Kyle Scott

General Superintendent, Wales McLelland Construction
Aaron Michaux from Bold Construction

“SiteMax makes the inspection part of my job easiest of all, from a day to day level. The ability to take photos. The ability to document things when I see them. I’m not running around fetching paperwork all the time. It’s right there when I need it. It helps resolve hazards a ton quicker.”

Aaron Michaux

Construction Safety Officer, Bold Construction
SiteMax Systems Inc.|Success Stories

“Software decisions in Construction are always difficult. There’s such a wide range of people, ages, and experience levels. The older people generally have the most experience but are the least computer savvy. SiteMax was easy to Use and pick up. I haven’t had anybody in the company yet say it’s too complicated.”

Greg Gerke

Director of Construction, Townline Construction
SiteMax Systems Inc.|Success Stories

“We realize savings across the board. So from our customers’ perspective, they’re able to sign the timesheets digitally. They’re receiving a cleaner, more accurate form from our foremen and our people in the field. From my perspective, the review time has gone from about 10 hours of reviewing stuff weekly to maybe one hour because everything is digital now.”

Brian Deiseroth

Controller, Southpointe Energy Resource Group
Will Wright, Fusion Projects

“The greatest success we have achieved to date with SiteMax is our COR certification. Being able to develop, implement, manage and track the success of our Health & Safety documentation digitally has had a profound impact on our ability to achieve COR certification. Through our use of SiteMax, we have also been able to improve our results year over year.”

Will Wright

Manager of Field Operations, Fusion Projects

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