SiteMax Systems Inc. | The Story of SiteMax

The Story of SiteMax

Like many companies, SiteMax has a humble origin.

Based in Vancouver and launched over five years ago, the company began as a software solution specifically for streaming information from job site to head-office via cameras and wireless internet — allowing project managers and stakeholders to monitor construction throughout the day and be able to correct problems quickly.

It began as a platform specifically for a large Vancouver-based contractor. But soon after, SiteMax saw they had something valuable in their hands. With James Faulkner as CEO and a crew of six, they launched as a product open to the market; quickly growing to seven clients.

What they offered was the first step to answering a common project management problem: with only weekly or monthly paper reports covering the job site, issues would usually go unnoticed until near completion; which meant going back and fixing them, often at great expense and time.

Since then, SiteMax has developed its software and features to provide answers to that same problem, with nearly a dozen unique features available to their clients.

SiteMax Systems Inc. | The Story of SiteMax

The SiteMax Roots

The story of SiteMax has deep roots within the construction industry. The leadership team, James Faulkner and Christian Hamm, joined and grew SiteMax for the same reason: they identified SiteMax as an opportunity to solve a serious pain point for construction companies, big and small.

In 2014 James founded Sitemax Systems after architecting and developing a field to office mobile and web-based system for one of Canada’s leading tilt-up general contractors. During this work, it became clear there was a need to develop a tool to connect the field to the office.

“I was contracted to rebrand a General Contractor and to build a web application for their construction operations. It started off with daily reports from laptop to laptop. I suggested we put large TVs around the concourse of head office, show some project consciousness on what’s going on out on the field and it evolved from there. One of their sub-trades came it, saw that, and said ‘hey what is that. I want that.”
James Faulkner

Christian has spent a significant amount of his career in the construction industry, working in coordination and project management for real estate developers and general contractors in Vancouver, BC Canada. Christian’s passion for the built world, the notion of seeing “nothing become something” and the bringing together of people and teams is un-ending. After being told early in his career that construction will always be chaotic, Christian remains laser-focused on bringing simple, powerful solutions to an industry where people are in great need of the most practical, helpful tools available to them

Christian’s story you can probably pull from a movie:

“I started out of high school swinging a hammer doing formwork and framing. My mother had a cut-out out of the Vancouver Sun with SiteMax and what they were doing for the construction site. I read through, it made a ton of sense, and believed there’s a real need for this.”
Christian Hamm

With tech company growth and fundamental roots within the construction industry, SiteMax prides itself as a software solution built by builders for builders.

Though James and Christian understand that SiteMax is apart of the tech space, they’ve developed that builder mentality as a vital part of their company’s culture and growth.

That’s a big reason why they recently co-launched their podcast, Site Visit — a leadership in Construction podcast that covers all things happening in and around the job site, from the people to the technology.

“We love Construction. The people in Construction are very real — making endless memories and endless experiences. But the thing is, the industry isn’t terribly responsive. There’s no better opportunity than now to talk about what’s going on the job site and in the office. It’s all being disrupted by a number of things, technology being one of them.”
Christian Hamm, Eps. 1, Site Visit

Even though the Construction industry usually takes a bit longer to trust new innovation and technology, they believe it’s that in-the-mud type of culture made of real people that makes the industry what it is.

Vancouver based, borderless reach

Being based out of Vancouver, BC is big for the company. Vancouver is a spotlight for construction and real estate development in not just North America but the world. That drive for innovation and growth is a part of the SiteMax DNA — evolving and adapting alongside the industry.

“This city has completely changed. We can see the different elements of different companies evolving — we respond and we manage those job site changes really well.”
James Faulkner

Vancouver is also a global hub for all things technology. With a ton of local talent, SiteMax is able to easily grow their team of skilled developers, marketers, and more as they continue to build their solution for construction companies in the Lower Mainland and beyond.

SiteMax Systems Inc. | The Story of SiteMax

The Mission: Less Paperwork, More Building.

“SiteMax solves a real pain point for the job site: to organize all reporting, like time-keeping, photo tracking, equipment tracking and much more … You’re not getting dozens of tools you’re only going to use a quarter of. You’re getting a complete set of tools that are relevant every single day. ”
Christian Hamm

Ownership communication, jobsite-to-office communication, field and safety reporting, tool tracking — all of it looks to achieve the simple mission of less paperwork, more building. That’s what it comes down to for James, Christian and the SiteMax crew. That for contractors and subcontractors, getting rid of sluggish, old-school processes is good for business, in more ways than one.

One of those key ways is by creating a jobsite solution built for attracting the best workers in the job market; something that can sometimes get overlooked when talking business operations.

“You go to site trailer you can see paper all over the place and often it’s in the corner next to the dustpan… With SiteMax, we’re attracting a whole breadth of age groups. It’s something that’s easy to adopt. Someone picks up our application, it has some familiarity to it.”
James Faulkner

The Future: Evolving as fast as the industry

With roots deep in construction and a growth strategy aligned how the industry is evolving, SiteMax has developed its own Product Advisory Group to ensure a future that always matches the needs of their clients.

Connecting with some of the best builders in the industry, they’re making sure that every step forward is driven by the needs of the industry.

“Developing alongside our client’s needs is key. That really helps us get some insight and focus on how they use our product, how it could be improved. That’s why we’ve created an advisory group. You get a lot of genuine comments so it’s been awesome for us.”
James Faulkner

For any kind of Contractor, choosing your construction software is a big decision. With the Advisory Group, SiteMax looks to create a sense of confidence for prospective clients who are searching for a product that is built for today and tomorrow.

“We’re getting real-time feedback from real-world builders to get as close to our users as possible … There’s no big SiteMax sign anywhere, but we do see all of our customers and the real value of using SiteMax. To see the success of SiteMax coming from the field, it’s a good feeling.”
Christian Hamm

Want to see what SiteMax can offer to your business?

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