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The Product Advisory Group

At SiteMax we build Simple, Powerful construction software for the Jobsite.

Since Day 1, Our team has been focused on building software that is built by builders, for builders. We understand to our core that teams in the field are looking for a simple tool that brings real value to the jobsite. A tool that helps a company better communicate, record, track and build. A solution that allows a construction company to do Less paperwork, and more building.

Software is not a simple thing. To build a software solution that is simple and powerful takes dedication to understanding the problems you are trying to solve. To build a great product, you need to understand your industry, users, and challenges. At SiteMax we try to put ourselves in the “Steel Toes” of our users every day to better understand the obstacles they face. We feel this is vital to creating a tool that works. At SiteMax, to continue to make sure we are focused on building the best software for the field, we recently launched our Product Advisory Group.

What Is A Product Advisory Group?

The Product Advisory Group is a “gathering of leading construction professionals” that are currently using the SiteMax software every day to execute on projects throughout North America. This selected group represents the people who are building the roads we drive on, schools we learn in, and the houses we call home. These are the industry innovators, leaders, and professionals that are leading their field. At SiteMax we want to speak and communicate with this group to make sure that we stay aligned with new trends and changes. The construction industry is always changing, and we believe that innovative software should as well.

This selected group meets every other month to help provide feedback, new ideas and lessons learned using the SiteMax software in the field. This group provides industry knowledge and real-time feedback that allows the SiteMax team to continue to build a simple and powerful software. Having a direct channel with the users in the field allows the software teams at SiteMax to build tools and features that create less paperwork, and more building.

What Does This Product Advisory Group Look Like?

Our first meeting was held on December 14th in Abbotsford BC. At 7:00AM a group of over 20 people met at a private airport hangar to spend 3 hours discussing, reviewing and strategizing. The group reviewed upcoming product features, discussed real-time feedback from teams in the field and strategized on new challenges.

At our Abbotsford session, the SiteMax team facilitated discovery sessions and innovation labs to work through new features and reviewed feedback from how different companies were using the software in the field. The dialogue was focused on real situations in the field, and how construction owners wanted to see results.

With the background noise of a landing 737, consumption of 65+ cups of coffee and 89 sticky notes, the group was able to identify some new innovations and build from the old. Watch the Video from the event here to learn about the group and how the morning went:

Why Does This Matter to You?

If you are General Contractor, Speciality Contractor or Subtrade making your construction software choice is a big decision. You need to have confidence that you are buying a product that is built for today, and tomorrow. Through the Product Advisory Group, SiteMax is connecting with some of the best Builders to ensure that the steps we take are driven by the needs of the industry, allowing us to continue to grow a product that is state of the art. As a potential user, you can have confidence that through this Product Advisory Group, SiteMax will be building tools and features that really work. When you are able to gather a team of experienced construction professionals, good things happen.

What is Next?

The Product Advisory Group will continue to meet at regular intervals and will be providing constant feedback to the SiteMax team. From testing new products in the field, to sharing stories of field teams using the product, the Advisory Group will be the direct link to the men and women building projects every day.  

Even if you are not in this group, but have valuable feedback, we want to hear from you! Feel free to call us +1 (888) 885-4036 or send an email ( anytime. As a company we are on a mission to build software that makes a difference, so we want to hear from you.

If you want to see the impact that SiteMax can have on your business, and join other leading construction firms, there’s no reason to wait. Book a Demo Today and talk to one of our Product Experts.

Begin making the move toward simple, powerful software that makes a difference.

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