SouthPointe Energy Achieves 10x Efficiency Gains with SiteMax Implementation

SouthPointe Energy case study

In 2021, SouthPointe Energy embarked on a transformative journey to streamline its operations by integrating SiteMax into the company’s processes. We interviewed Brian Deiseroth, Controller at SouthPointe Energy Resource Group, to learn what led them to look for a jobsite management software in the first place and how their business benefits with SiteMax now.

Challenge: Scaling the Workforce While Maintaining Commitment to Clients

Brian mentions that SouthPointe’s ambitious outlook is always towards scaling. Thus, they wanted to find a robust solution that would allow the company to scale 10 times with minimal additional work and the same workforce they had at the controller’s office at the moment. At the same time, SouthPointe needed to maintain the same level of commitment and high standards they’ve been demonstrating over the years. They realized that the goal is highly challenging, but that’s what it takes to achieve success. Luckily, SiteMax was the perfect fit for their needs, and they are already making progress in that direction thanks to incorporating SiteMax into their daily activities and automating processes previously done manually.


Clients have reported significant improvements in their day-to-day operations, project management, and overall business performance as a result of implementing SiteMax.

Quick ROI

Using SiteMax construction software led to substantial cost savings for SouthPointe. Brian provided the following example to illustrate the ROI. SouthPointe spends approximately $30K per year on the SiteMax software. Before implementing SiteMax, they needed two or three employees to manually perform the tasks that the software efficiently handles automatically. Even if the company were only paying these employees $30,000 each per year, the implementation of SiteMax would result in annual savings of $60,000. This significant cost-saving can then be reallocated to other resources or utilized for multiple purposes within the company which demonstrates improved financial performance of SouthPointe.

10x Savings in Review Process

Brian indicates that the review time of timesheets has decreased significantly from approximately 10 hours per week to just one hour, thanks to the digital transformation facilitated by SiteMax. The user-friendly interface enables field workers to effortlessly submit their time feeding the system with much more accurate data than using paper timesheets. The controller’s office witnessed a monumental time saving as they only needed to check totals, as opposed to going through each individual timesheet line by line.

Savings Across the Board

With SiteMax, SouthPointe’s clients receive more accurate forms from the company’s foremen and field workers done in a matter of few clicks. This includes benefits such as quicker invoicing, streamlined communication, and reduced paperwork.

Significant Errors Reduction

The implementation of SiteMax construction management software by SouthPointe has resulted in decreased payroll errors and confidence in the accuracy of daily operations. The controller’s office is not worried about payment discrepancy anymore as all the data is pulled from the system that has the employee number directly on there. It also leads to increased efficiency in payment processing and employee management. 

Customization and Ease of Use

Brian also highlights SiteMax’s ease of use and intuitive UI, even for individuals with varying levels of experience. It offers in-depth reporting and tracking capabilities, making it easy to go back and review project details months after completion.

Want to sign up?

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SouthPointe Energy specializes in providing crucial traffic control and safety solutions for construction and infrastructure projects. They offer a comprehensive range of services that include traffic management, roadwork flagging, and work zone setup.

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