Organize Your Jobsites

Assigning Field and Office Teams

Assigning people to the projects they are working on is simple. Just add the person to the project and all key project information is instantly made available to them. From forms, reports, files and tasks, your field staff will always know what they need to do. Jobsite management is easy with our intuitive construction software.

Employee Time Tracking

Paper time cards are now a thing of the past, track employee time cards digitally. Your field teams can now clock in and clock out right from their mobile devices. Synchronized time cards on both mobile and desktop allow for transparent real-time visibility. Simply view the accumulated hours daily to see who is accurately recording time and easily adjust time cards if necessary. GPS integration allows you to ensure accountability among your teams. At the end of the pay period print off a site report with employees time card info or use our intuitive integrations to sync your information with your office’s accounting software.

Give Your Team Access To Key Project Information

Task Management

Save valuable time and money on your construction projects. Create and assign tasks to your people in advance or on-the-go. Miscommunication is a thing of the past! Add descriptions, photos, subtasks, and file attachments with all relevant information so they can check off what they have accomplished. Task management software so simple, your field and office teams will actually want to use it.

File Management

Get all your files in one place. Avoid repeated trips to the trailer. Have access to key project information anywhere, anytime. All your files are synced to the cloud, on all devices at once. Enable your field and office teams with an industry leading field management software.

Organization and Professionalism

Site Safety Reporting

Have instant access to safety forms and files anywhere in the world. Create safety reports by using the stock forms that come with your system, like the FLHA and toolbox talk, or create your own using our intuitive form builder. Documentation is available to all jobs via the safety program file system. Updating to the latest manual is a single action for all jobs. Organize your program and upload files for easy viewing from each project.

Equipment Tracking

Keep track of all your tools and equipment. No more fumbling around with sign in-and-out paper forms. Using our QR code stickers, you can use our app to scan your equipment to a job and reference it in form if needed. Efficient asset management is fundamental to save valuable time and money. When your clients experience you scanning equipment with your phone they will definitely be impressed with the professionalism.

Communication and Collaboration


Texting and direct messaging is nothing new, but having all your project related messaging centralized within one construction management software comes with some significant advantages. You have a consistent place to communicate about JUST WORK. The conversations can be one-on-one or part of a group, segmented by the specific project.