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SiteMax Takes on BuildEx 2019

Meeting clients, industry experts and a lot of new faces at one of the largest building events in Western Canada.

SiteMax — yellow shirts, tagline and all — was busy at this year’s BuildEx in Vancouver, BC, sharing our story and message in a convention centre full of leading builders and contractors. With a team that has dedicated countless hours building a software solution from the ground up and the success of builders top of mind, it was the perfect crowd — not only to share, but to listen. To hear industry interests, insight and challenges, and to continue our growth forward.

Here’s a quick recap of our time at BuildEx Vancouver 2019 — take a look:

What’s BuildEx and what went down?

With over 14,000 industry professionals under one roof, BuildEx was two days of professional networking, talks, development seminars and product exhibitions. Marking the 30th year of the conference, this year’s theme was Shaping the Future — tackling technology & innovation, culture & community, and business resilience.

The common theme: now, more than ever, industry professionals (big or small) are embracing present and future-looking technology into their practice. To showcase this, BuildEx hosted 30-min tech snap-chats with various industry-leading products (i.e. SiteMax), development showcases on high-innovation projects underway in Metro Vancouver and various talks with leaders who are disrupting the industry.

A few more takeaways for those who couldn’t make it out.

  1. Urban construction technology — cities and technology are merging more and more every year. With building technology growing at such a fast pace, Matthew Claudel, Head of Civic Innovation at MIT designX, discussed the need to imagine new approaches to how we take on the relationship between traditional building and new innovation.

  2. Sustainability is more important for innovative companies within the construction industry today than it ever has before. Investing in sustainably-minded practices has become a valuable asset for construction companies that want to set themselves apart from competitors. So, always communicate your sustainably-friendly values and practices to clients and prospective clients.

  3. The traditional can’t quite cut it anymore. With so much growth, thinking outside the box or taking on new practices isn’t as much of a risk, but a necessary step in continuing success in a challenging and saturated industry.

All in all, with 600+ exhibits, 90+ tailored sessions and numerous networking events, it was an excellent event to be a part of. If you attended and swung by the SiteMax booth, it was great to chat!

Here are more photos from the event:

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