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Simplifying Construction Contracts and Reducing Risk with Document Crunch | The Best from the Site Visit Podcast

Do you as a construction professional often face the challenge of spending countless hours reviewing and analyzing complex contracts? 

Are you looking for a solution that streamlines and simplifies construction contracts by quickly identifying critical risk provisions and providing teams with guidance to make great decisions throughout the construction project lifecycle? Then this Site Visit Podcast episode is for you, as we interviewed Josh Levy, Co-Founder & CEO of Document Crunch, the contract intelligence platform for the construction industry.

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The Main Idea Behind Document Crunch

The founders of Document Crunch quickly realized that all legal tech solutions that already existed on the market didn’t address construction in particular.  However, it is well-known that construction contracts are unique. Josh Levy understood that aspects found in construction contracts and workflows are not present in general commercial applications. Throughout his career, he saw a lot of construction professionals knocking on his door asking what their contracts say. Josh knows that construction contracts are risky, you have to be sure before you sign them. Some of the industry professionals had access to legal resources and could afford to pay lawyers to review their contracts, but Josh and his partners always wanted to make it accessible for everyone. Thus, these two big insights – there was nothing for construction and nothing for the non-lawyers, and in particular, the construction professionals, – led to Document Crunch.

Document Crunch is Made for Everyone

The company’s main goal is to empower everyone in the construction industry to understand what’s in their contracts. It is not a tool made just the lawyers, it is designed for the non-legal community executives, the VPs of operations, the project managers, the superintendents, and the stakeholders to help them understand what’s in their contracts, and to make good decisions every day and during the course of construction. Josh’s fundamental belief is that if people are empowered to make better decisions and understand their construction contracts, the construction industry will be less risky and more profitable.

How Clients of Document Crunch Increase Efficiency

After adapting Document Crunch, the chief legal officer of one of the firms in Texas spends at least two hours less with each project team before they submit bids. The reason is that the project executives are not bringing him as many low-level questions as before and they can dig into the more sophisticated issues straight away.

Boston’s chief legal officer spends 90% less time on contract review as every executive of his company now has access to Document Crunch software.

We asked Josh if the software would identify poor legal structure at some point

What makes successful construction contracts and construction projects according to Josh?

The key to a successful construction contract lies in its fairness and the equitable sharing of risks, which should be managed by the party most capable of handling them.

The key to the most successful construction projects is the same that makes the most successful relationships, which are collaboration, transparency, trust, integrity, and communication. And that’s what makes a successful contract.

Document Crunch’s mission from philosophical and existential points of view

If you are looking for help with construction contract risk review and contract compliance, we recommend checking Document Crunch.

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