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Simplify Jobsite Management with SiteMax

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Back to the basics, simplify jobsite management. It’s a message we have been using since the early days when SiteMax was just a webpage used to communicate the essentials from field to office. What happened today? Who was on site? Are there any pictures to prove this? Over the years SiteMax has evolved a fair bit, to say the least, into a complete construction management solution that any construction team, general contractor, subcontractor or owner, could benefit from. In saying this, the main focus has always been to streamline jobsite activities and the way in which critical information gets into the hands of key project stakeholders, from project managers or operations managers to owners or clients.

The essential digital toolkit for every jobsite

There is no shortage of power tools and gadgets or hardware and software to choose from, but the right setup and combination of them all, is essential to success on every project. If you don’t track your tools, you’ll inevitably misplace them. If you check out and download every app you hear about, you might become stuck with indecision or recurring credit card charges that can really add up. The long and short of it is, you’ll only want the tools you need and none that you don’t. When it comes to the apps you need to manage your jobsite effectively, apps might be too many. With a unique set of features, aimed specifically at consolidating the most commonly used single feature or point solution apps, SiteMax is the ideal blend for your essential digital toolkit. Why pay for 3 to 4 or even 5 different apps, when you could save time and money with one, and avoid the headaches and fragmentation of many?

Taking Jobsite performance to the next level

With a dialled-in digital toolkit, it’s as much about visibility being given to the right people offsite, as it is about the work being done onsite. Before remote work stormed the scene, a concept hardly applicable to those making it happen on the jobsite, remote construction teams were rarely able to make it to every project and every site visit at every critical project milestone. That being said, details are everything, and overlooking them could mean rework and delays. Thus, keeping a finger on the pulse of projects has always been important, perhaps now more than ever, as managing multiple projects simultaneously is the norm. 

With fully customizable daily site reports, safety and QA checklists, digital timecards and complete media management of progress photos and videos, SiteMax provides a greater awareness of key project activities, which means more critical decisions can be made, especially when they matter most. Now that all your data capture boxes are checked, look to further simplify jobsite management and visibility by gathering the most relevant daily activities, issues and actionable items in an automated, branded report and having it sent straight to your inbox. With this amount of effortless detail at your fingertips, get ready for your projects to race to the finish line, on time and on budget

Jobsite management software that performs, highly

Self-promotion ALERT: This past month, SiteMax was featured in G2’s Fall 2022 Report achieving a “High Performer” award in the Jobsite Management category. This recognition is thanks primarily to the growing base of construction professionals sharing their positive experiences in using our product with their own project teams each day. Construction industry pros mean business, and when it comes to the tools they need to perform at their best, these men and women don’t mess around or mince words. 

Take Will Wright, from Fusion Projects for example.

“SiteMax has been an integral part of managing all field reporting. It is easy to use and has been adopted well by the senior members of our team.” 

Will goes on to add.

“Our primary goal has been to develop a paper-free Health & Safety program to achieve COR certification. SiteMax has allowed us to develop and implement a program that can meet these needs and can be managed in real-time, remotely.”

We’re quite pleased that our customers would say the things they do about us, and we encourage all types of feedback too. Oftentimes, the best compliments come with “needs improvement nuggets” and we will take them. From day one, building a jobsite and construction management app that people loved to use, and that would help build successful contracting businesses, was always the goal. We look forward to continuing on this journey with the thousands of construction professionals utilizing SiteMax each day and continuously improving our product to ensure that it performs at the highest level.

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