The Sales Game Is the Same, The Rules Are Different

The sales game has not changed. You still need to solve your customers problems and you need to convince them that you can in order to get the sale.

What has changed is the way that we get our customers attention. The new era has ushered in email marketing and then just ripped it away by new anti-spam laws. We were using banner ads and PPC marketing which is now on its way out thanks to ad blockers.

We now live in a time of providing as much value to your customer as you can in order to get noticed. So my question to you is how much value are you bringing to your customer? Are you currently blogging on topics that will help your customer make a buying decision or are you shamelessly promoting your service on the web.

Times have changed. The construction industry is competitive and your customer has researched you and your competition well before they contact you. The more value you provide in aiding the consumer with their needs the better chance you have of getting the sale.

There are a lot of tools out there to help you and your construction business. There are services that have tools such as reverse ip look up so that you can see the businesses that have visited your website and reach out to them. You can convert more of your web traffic into clients. There are also services that can optimize your blog post for keywords to get better SEO. Google is now taking into account how new and how relevant your website content is for your ranking.

The available tools to help you and your construction business are exponential, you simply have to tap into them. Good luck!

Author: Joel Lintott

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