Owners & Developers

Effectively monitor all your project activity in one place.

Visibility has no match.

Being a project owner or real estate developer can look quite different when it comes to the construction phase. Whether you self perform or bring in your most trusted builder, automated daily reporting is powerful for progress.

Who is SiteMax for?

Construction Managers

Who need use and access a system and its reporting contents at any time.

Project Managers

Who need view only access to a few key documents throughout a project.

Directors / VPs of Construction

Who require daily updates and visibility with a few simple clicks.

Facility Managers

Who need to use and access a system for inspections at the end of a project and once it’s complete.

Trusted by Industry Leading Owners & Developers

“I look at all of our systems and operations to try and streamline it. To give the guys on the site the tools they need to be as efficient as possible while we get the documentation we need in the office. But software decisions in Construction are always difficult. There’s such a wide range of people, ages, and experience levels. The older people generally have the most experience but are the least computer savvy. SiteMax was easy to use and pick up. I haven’t had anybody in the company yet say it’s too complicated.”

Greg Gerke
Townline Group of Companies

Easy adoption, immediate results.


Gain visibility

Track progress through automated daily reporting and watch updates come in via the projects dashboard.


Stay on schedule

Spend less time chasing updates and more time securing tenants / buyers for early completion.


Build Trust

Maintain accountability throughout the construction phase and establish relationships that go the distance.

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