SiteMax Systems Inc. | Product Updates | Q4 2022

Product Updates | Q4 2022

Customers & Construction Technology Users

First, a very Happy New Year to you from all of us at SiteMax! 

We are excited about the year ahead and continuing with our mission-driven customer care and enhancing the lives of people that use one of the leading construction software systems, SiteMax. During 2022, SiteMax added over 400 exciting new improvements, which have already helped many SiteMax users on and off the construction site. Our team of Developers has been hard at work during 2022 designing and releasing new features and improved modules that have changed how daily tasks are carried out on the connotation site and in the office.

Time Never Stops, So Track it

Our Time Center product has significantly improved, revolutionizing how you manage personnel, tools, and equipment. The updated version allows for real-time tracking and logging, enabling you to stay up-to-date on the progress of your team and hours worked. Additionally, our Time Center allows for custom reporting and integrates with a few accounting software, such as QuickBooks, to streamline your record-keeping processes. Simplify and optimize your workflow with our improved Time Center.

Permissions, POs, Submittals and More

SiteMax’s latest updates focus on improving accountability and control within your team. Our contact management feature allows you to track records and streamline communication on your project. We’ve also made it easier to manage documents, ensuring they are delivered on time and approved efficiently. With our submittals, RFIs, and POs system, you can centralize all project information in one place to keep things moving forward.

One of the standout features of SiteMax is our in-depth form builder. Customize forms with your branding and create unique, process-centric forms to streamline daily procedures. The form builder also allows for the digital capture of data, which can be useful for future planning objectives. At SiteMax, our goal is to simplify and digitize construction management processes. These updates are just a few ways we are working to achieve that goal.

Safety is Key to Success

While SiteMax is dedicated to improving efficiency in construction site management through the use of various modules, one area where we excel is safety management, which can often be a time-consuming and overwhelming task. Our platform helps to streamline daily safety reports, digitize meeting notes and outcomes, and provides easy access to critical information when needed. We also automate notifications to key personnel and keep a record of communication to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Using SiteMax, you can minimize risk and simplify safety management on your construction site.

Punch Lists Made Easy

We’re committed to providing user-friendly, process-driven modules, and our punch list feature is no exception. With SiteMax, you can start recording snags and punch list items early in the construction process rather than waiting until the end. Our platform allows you to centralize punch list items directly on drawings with hotspot pins, making it easy to locate and address issues. Total transparency of your punch list items can also improve productivity onsite and in the office. Additionally, our platform allows you to take pictures from your mobile device and mark up images to effectively highlight any problems. You can also track the progress of your punch list items from start to finish with progress reports and automated notifications. Streamline your punch list process with SiteMax.

When Workflow and Accountability Mix

SiteMax users have consistently reported high productivity levels when utilizing our modules’ designed functionality. We encourage using the digital workflows within our platform to continue increasing this productivity and accountability. More specifically, you can streamline communication and move your projects forward more efficiently by digitizing processes such as submittals, POs, and RFIs. If you are not already utilizing our platform, give SiteMax a try and see the difference it can make for your construction business. Alternatively, if you have already benefited from the power of SiteMax, let us know by clicking one of the links below. 

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2023, Here We Come

At SiteMax, we always do our best to deploy consideration and connect the dots, two concepts central to our customer care ethos crucial to creating a meaningful experience. Through this, our entire team comes together to help achieve the goals of our customers each day.  Our development, Support, Administration, and Success teams are committed to pursuing our vision and redefining how Construction Projects are managed for a better future. We build software so you can build everything else.

From all of us at SiteMax, we wish you a very Happy and Productive New Year for 2023.

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