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Product Updates | Q3 2022

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It has been a busy year at SiteMax, full of exciting milestones and packed with product releases. As we are catching up on nearly 9 months of updates, in blog form that is, we’ll keep things brief but specific (regular release notes are consistently delivered to customers through our Help Center and in-app via Intercom). Thanks to your continuous feedback and suggestions, we’re always able to make meaningful progress toward giving you the tools you need and none that you don’t. Alright, before entering the last stretch of the year here is a catch-up on all the things you might have missed from our Product Team at SiteMax.

Admin game strong in the first half

There first 6 months of 2022 saw a ton of power enter the admin dashboard and core utilities of our system, most notably at the Company level of our desktop experience. 

To the Team Page, we’ve implemented a complete redesign allowing admins to manage contacts with better filters, profiles, records, and activity logs. We have also made it easier to manage crews, along with users/contacts, updating permissions and assigning them to projects in mass selection. To one of the most powerful utilities in SiteMax, Form Builder, we have added so many new features it is tough to list them all, but here are the main ones. Your self-built forms now have workflows to update status’ and lock forms, the ability to create tasks in the Task Module and to add photos from the Photo/Media Module, field dependencies, auto-populated fields with the project and user data, as well as completely configurable “copy from existing” functionality.

Perhaps one of the most notable product updates of the past 12 months, is our NEW Time Center. Whatever you call it, time tracking, timekeeping or digital timecards, all things related to replacing paper timecards and the manual collection of data within them, has always been a core tenet and most used feature, of SiteMax. We have now provided the option to switch to an entirely NEW interface for Time, packed with updated functionality like customizable timecards, mandatory/optional fields, the ability to add multiple time entries, check-ins/outs and equipment items, as well as the re-introduction of “duration only” time and overnight shift. We’ve also made improvements to switching projects while checked in and splitting time when you check out. Further to administrative functionality, we have added an incredibly powerful reports generator with unlimited configurations for Excel, CSV and PDF, not to mention the introduction of rules for time, financial calculations, rounding and breaks.

To Site Reports and Safety Reports, as well as those created through QR Code functionality, something that has taken over in the past couple of years, we’ve added a fair bit. There are new mobile views to see recent reports completed by the project, with improved ordering to find the most used reports and association by status. But, where the most significant changes have taken place is within Form Settings at both the Company and Project levels of SiteMax. On the Company Level, you can now configure email settings, notifications, automatic labelling, column attribution and more, while at the Project Level you can configure all of your contextual form settings, specific to that project and location, which are mostly used for QR code form creation. Last but not least, you can now configure email settings for forms on a specific project, where more or simply different controls are required. See a full list of these Product Updates, as well as Drawings, Punch Lists, Purchase Orders, RFIs, Submittals, Integrations (QuickBooks, Spectrum, Sage and Jonas) and more, from January thru June 2022 here.

Third quarters are for Field personnel

While the sunny Summer months are meant for hauling on projects and realizing significant progress on your jobsites, the last three months at SiteMax have seen our Product Team laser-focused on improving infrastructure and responsiveness, more specifically on the field productivity side of SiteMax. 

On mobile, you can now see a dedicated view of tasks that are assigned to you in your Calendar and in Messages, you now can add photos and attachments, all to improve communication across your projects. In addition to this, we have updated the Photo/Media Module to allow for Videos (all main formats handled) and all the sharing capabilities required for media types supported. A new menu on mobile also lets you add high-resolution pictures, when and if needed. When creating Punch Items (deficiencies) on-site, you can now notify the assignee and/or the PM, with optional checkboxes that let you choose when to communicate. 

On the Desktop, for more of the administrative side of your projects, we continue to add power to Company Reports, where you can pull information from Modules across all your projects. Here we launched advanced filtering options that let you export specific data, within date parameters for Projects, RFIs, Submittals, Purchase orders and more. Speaking of RFIs, the main table got a full redesign to match all standard SiteMax tables, letting you choose your columns and the order in which to display them. We’ve also made it easier to build Punch Lists, if you have collected items in other formats, with the ability to import, export and re-import complete lists of Punch Items.

Some additionally added goods in various modules include the ability to download Drawing PDFs, both individually or merged (with links), which means access to drawings is easier than ever.  A new mobile view was also added to Drawings, giving you the choice between list, tile and grid, a significant navigation improvement. As well, you can now download and export complete drawings logs in CSV format. In Time Center, we have the grid view with largely improved status filters and action buttons to facilitate the review process and starting of new pay periods. Lastly, we’re helping you keep your project Contacts up to date. Contacts will now be listed under your project Contacts when added as recipients or in workflows (within RFIs, Submittals, COs and POs). See a full list of Product Updates from July thru September 2022 here.

Shoutout to our Customers

As we mention quite often, our team is dedicated to creating a product that our customers love to use and that provides them great benefit as they build the things that matter most, the projects in front of them and the businesses they run. We are always collecting feedback and looking to categorize it within a framework to ensure the prioritization of relevancy and usefulness to our loyal customer base and to the industry we love. If you have any questions about these product updates, our product or SiteMax in general, please reach out to your account manager or Should you wish to provide a review of our product and service, we would be incredibly grateful. Those links are provided below. 

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