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Product Updates | May & June 2023

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Welcome to the latest SiteMax Product Update for May & June 2023! 

We’ve been hard at work adding new features, making improvements, and fixing issues to enhance your complete jobsite management experience. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the exciting changes we’ve made in May and June 2023.

Let’s dive in!



We have added the email column to the contacts section, allowing you to easily view and manage email addresses for your project contacts.


The Equipment Time Grid view now includes a search function, enabling you to quickly find specific equipment entries based on your search criteria.


Similar to customizable columns in the “Equipment” section, we have added a customization icon for columns in a project’s “Materials” section. You can now tailor the view to your needs, improving efficiency and clarity when managing materials.


We understand the importance of organizing and filtering project photos effectively. And so, we have added a filter function to photos, enabling you to filter images by date range (assigned date), collection, and creator. This feature empowers you to quickly locate specific photos when you need them.


To streamline your workflow, we have introduced an export feature based on screen ordering for submittals. This addition allows you to export submittal information in a structured manner according to your preferred order, facilitating seamless communication and documentation.


Managing material logs is now more convenient. We have added the ability to change the material log date within the material log window. Users with the “Manage Material” permission can easily perform this action, enhancing flexibility and accuracy in time tracking.


Email (tier)

We have resolved an unintended behaviour in the Email (tier) feature. When you select a recipient and press the Enter key, it will navigate to the next field or do nothing, ensuring a smoother user experience.

Punch Lists

We have made improvements to Punch List permissions for items with view-only access. This ensures consistent access levels, aligning with the ‘Tier Permissions’ for users with view-only permissions in the old permissions system.


Reports are now arranged alphabetically to provide a more organized experience for every user. This update ensures consistency and ease of navigation when accessing and utilizing various reports.


We’ve implemented two significant improvements for submittals. Firstly, each submittal is now assigned a unique number, eliminating the possibility of duplicate numbers and enhancing tracking accuracy. Secondly, we have improved responses’ clarity and visual separation, making them easier to understand and interpret.


We fixed the display issue in the file upload section of RFIs. The section is now large enough to show the file upload option without requiring scrolling, ensuring a smoother RFI submission process.


In the Timecard module, we have made several valuable enhancements:

The “Start rule on” field is now a required field when setting up rules, ensuring that it must be filled in, and preventing any unintentional omissions.

When selecting the “users with time” filter, only users who have recorded time within the specified date range will be displayed. Additionally, when the “all time tracking users” option is chosen, only users who have either recorded time or have time tracking enabled will be shown in the grid view, providing more relevant information.

We have included filters directly into time reports, simplifying the process of customizing and extracting the data you need. In the Time Report feature, we have replaced the checkbox with separate options for applying time calculation and showing financial columns, enhancing clarity and precision in time reporting.


We understand the importance of a stable and error-free platform. To ensure a smooth user experience, we have addressed several issues reported by our users.

Here are the fixes made:

CSV Export
We resolved the issue where exporting a summary CSV resulted in a “500 Internal Server Error.” Now, you can export your data smoothly without any technical hurdles.

Previously, adding an entry from the “Equipment” tab did not provide an option for the “User” field, which is required. We have fixed this issue, and now you can seamlessly add entries with the necessary user information.

Daily Timesheet
We fixed an issue where entered hours were not displayed correctly, causing delays in client approval. You can view entered hours accurately, ensuring timely approvals and efficient project tracking.

Lite Users
We addressed an issue where Lite users could have “unlock” form permissions and still remain as Lite users. Now, users will be upgraded to full users when such permissions are granted. In case no more seats are available, an error message will appear, providing transparency and clarity.

Material Form
We fixed an issue where selecting a dropdown option did not trigger any action in the Material Form. All dropdown options function correctly, ensuring smooth data entry and management.

Various bugs related to permission settings in the web application have been addressed. These bugs were affecting Change Orders, Messages, Photos, Project Files, Tasks, Submittals, Purchase Orders, Projects, RFIs, Form Settings, and Forms. With the fixes in place, you can manage permissions seamlessly across all these areas.

Notice Board
We prevented an equipment form from being mistakenly attached to the Notice Board, ensuring the proper display and management of forms.

Pre-fill Functionality

We resolved a problem with the prefill functionality for the “Equipment” field. Previously, the prefilled “External code” value was not saved correctly. With the fix in place, the prefilled value will save correctly, providing accurate and reliable data prefilling.

That wraps up our SiteMax product updates for May and June 2023. We hope these additions, improvements, and fixes enhance your experience on our platform and contribute to smoother management of all your projects. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming months!

As many more small improvements, fixes, and optimizations are being made weekly, please visit our help centre or contact us at or your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions about past and upcoming changes.

If you want to look at SiteMax for the first time, please feel free to schedule some time with us here.

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