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Product Updates | January & February 2023


Welcome to the first Product Updates blog of 2023! 

Our team has worked hard to improve SiteMax and introduce exciting new features. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the changes we’ve made to our branding, time center, signature utility, form builder, reporting utility, email and messaging utilities and team page, as well as our equipment, RFI, punch list, and submittals modules.

Alright, let’s get down to it!

Product Updates

New Branding

Our new branding and logo have been updated on our marketing site, web, and mobile applications. We’ve incorporated our distinct “X” into the SiteMax word mark, represented at the top left arm of the “X,” to symbolize the action and motion of getting things done on the jobsite. Our blue and yellow colour scheme has been incorporated into the web and mobile experiences. Please note that the mobile application icon colour and design have changed from a yellow background to a blue background.

Time Center

We’ve made several improvements to the time center, including more powerful filters, mass actions, and the ability to generate reports on the fly. The most used “grid view” has also been enhanced.

Saved Signatures

Save time by setting your signature under your account profile. Once saved, any signature field in SiteMax will allow you to insert your saved signature. With the “copy from existing” function, completing progress, equipment, and safety reports just got much faster.

Forms and Form Builder

Our form builder has been improved to give you more control over your tracking and workflows. We’ve introduced a new settings interface with filtering, general settings, default form colours, more powerful select functions, field dependency based on text and assessments, undo and redo functions, labelling display on the header, custom default labelling per form, QR form URL available for sharing, and an improved PDF preview.


We’ve improved our project export and added a list of all relevant project information in the company reports module. From the team page project export, you can now get a list of all users and/or include all the contacts on the project. From project contacts, you can export them all in a nice, clean PDF report.

Email and Messaging

SiteMax is becoming the preferred tool for team communication. We’ve improved our messaging interface to let you share photos and other attachments, and you can now email directly from the SiteMax Web interface any PDF available in your system. With files being sent as links, you don’t need to worry about the size of your emails.

Team Page

You can now set up users with a favourite title. The title set as a favourite will be used by default when assigning them to projects. We’ve also improved managing permissions, and you can now apply templates by title and restore previous permissions from history.


Our logs, filters, and reports for equipment have greatly improved. We’ve introduced a new logic for rental equipment so that the tools can be “returned” under the proper companies, creating logs at each movement. Our Toolbox interface was improved to allow moving a set of tools more easily, and all filters are now included in mobile. Purchase Orders can now reference multiple tools with the PO visible under each tool.


Our RFI interface has been improved with a more intuitive email layout for a better flow of communication, new fields for schedule and cost impact, and a new internal note field. Change orders also have an improved report layout, while submittals and RFIs have a new “resend” function, letting you bring your recipients back on track. The logs allow easier reporting with improvements in every format, making an overdue RFI easy to spot.

Punch Lists

Punch items have and will get a lot of attention. Additionally, a workflow was designed specifically for subcontractors, allowing free users to mark punch items as complete, update the resolution field, and add a resolution photo. With the new import function, duplicating for a specific trade or quick item adding, keeping punch items organized has never been easier. Whether by trade, location, type, or status, generating and sending reports is a breeze.


Our submittal interface has undergone significant changes. Specifications upload and manual upload/update are much easier. In addition, specification sections can be added on the fly when creating a submittal. The response interface now has a simplified workflow with a better interface that makes it easier to replace files, insert stamps, and include a cover page. The layout has also been improved so that no workflow steps are missed with automated reminders.


On the Horizon

We are working on a new external portal called SiteMax Connect, allowing all subcontractors to view and interact with your workflows in SiteMax. Additionally, we are scoping out a redesign for tasks that will feature Gantt chart functionality for project scheduling and a new interface for an improved Punch List to optimize speed, quality and reporting. We are also upgrading our backend technology, introducing a new PDF interface for top-end drawing management capabilities and designing a dashboard for company announcements.


As we wrap up our first Product Updates blog of 2023, we are excited to share the many improvements and updates SiteMax has been working on to provide our users with an unparalleled Jobsite Management experience. From the Punch List and Submittal interfaces to the introduction of Connect, Gantt scheduling and upgrades to backend technology, SiteMax is committed to enhancing your productivity and collaboration on the jobsite. We look forward to sharing more updates with you soon!

As many more small improvements, fixes, and optimizations are being made weekly, please visit our help centre or contact us at or your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions about past and upcoming changes.

If you want to look at SiteMax for the first time, please feel free to schedule some time with us here.


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