SiteMax Systems Inc. | New Version of SiteMax Software Coming SOON!

New Version of SiteMax Software Coming SOON!

As we kick 0ff the beginning of summer here in Vancouver it means only one thing at SiteMax Systems, the launch of 3.0 is closer than ever! SiteMax 3.0 is the latest version of our construction project management software, with tons of time-saving features helping your construction company be as efficient as possible. This post outlines a few more of our many features that will give you an organized company that’s up to date with the Digital Age.

Estimated Completion Clock

Project consciousness is key! The project due date is displayed with a countdown clock and a date for multiple locations on the iOS app and the web application. This is generated by the difference between the start and end dates. You can also put projects to an “On Deck” or “Completed” status.

Vendors and Contacts

Your relationships are everything in construction and SiteMax helps you provide a central place to have them all managed. Use the vendor tick box to add them into Punchlist issues, RFIs, and Purchase orders. 

Time Cards and Geo Checkin/out

Tracking time can make or break a project. Employees time cards are a critical component of the construction process and SiteMax makes it simple. Set to your pay period and your cost codes, your staff are now able to provide you daily time detail so you know where you are at. Too many people in the field to have 1 person do time at the end of each day? No problem, have them check into the job on their mobile and do it for themselves… you can vet it after the fact.

For a more detailed explanation of these features and the other ones we have to offer you can book a free demo now on! Sign up before Jan. 1st, 2017 to get a 10% discount! Receive an additional 10% off by making a one time annual payment, for a total of 20%!

Project Management

Field Management

Field Management

NEW Features



Go Paperless

Going paperless not only reduces waste, it increases jobsite productivity. Organize your jobsite and streamline project communication.


Consolidate Apps

Get everything you need in one place with construction management software that delivers a centralized experience.

Construction management

Construction Management

SiteMax provides an all in one solution, your projects will run more efficiently and with unparalleled accuracy.

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