Construction Software That Fits Your Company’s Needs

Are you a General Contractor or Trade Service looking for a construction project management app that fits ALL of your needs? Well at SiteMax, we put our clients needs first. That means we don’t develop one general app that you are expected to adapt too. We customize the app to fit your company’s specific process with a feature we call Dynamic Forms. So your proven process stays the same while your company advances to today’s Digital Age.


Each and every day we consume data. This data informs us, engages us and inspires us.

We believe that if we take this concept and port it into various construction sectors, great things can be achieved. To build great applications and services, we just have to imagine what’s possible and fit it with the technologies that exist today.

We capture your data and look for innovative ways to sort, report and display it. This will benefit all of your stakeholders. Using creativity and technological knowledge, we see the opportunities for our products to engage your entire company. Accurate data can bring teams closer to their leadership, resulting in a more open, transparent and accountable culture. We are always seeking new ways to augment our systems with new iterations and versions. This allows us to continuously bring more value to our clients and their stakeholders.

We’re a local company with a passion for technology and innovation. Whether you’re a GC or Trade this app can help bring value to your clients and efficiency within your overall company.

For more information on this product visit or book a free online demo to learn more about how everything works. One of our talented reps is looking forward to hearing from you and will soon be in touch!

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