SiteMax Systems Inc. | Introducing: The Site Visit Podcast

Introducing: The Site Visit Podcast

Leadership in Construction with perspective from the job site.

The team at SiteMax is excited to announce the launch of our new podcast, The Site Visit Podcast, in partnership with our friends over at SITE Partners.

Hosted by our own James Falkner and Christian Hamm, alongside Andrew Hansen, the Site Visit Podcast is about three things: deconstructing big trends in the Construction industry, sharing tricks, tips, and insight from industry experts. Listen along as we capture real, impactful stories straight from the job site.

Why did we start the Podcast?

Quick answer: there’s not a lot of people talking about what’s going on in Construction. At least, in the right sort of way.

The industry is always changing. Those changes in 2019 are only getting bigger and faster, with a new generation of leaders entering the industry and countless new and modern ways of working and operating.

But the thing is, no matter how big Construction gets and whatever the trends or changes, the culture has always stayed the same — honest people doing honest work. An industry built on relationships, word-of-mouth, and good people helping out good people.

When you get a fast-changing, high-influence industry and combine that with an old-school culture, it doesn’t just make for interesting conversations, but one-of-a-kind leaders to learn from and memorable stories you just can’t get in any other field.

“We love Construction. The people in Construction are very real; making endless memories and endless experiences. But the thing is, the industry isn’t terribly responsive. There’s no better opportunity than now to talk about what’s going on the job site, in the office. It’s all being disrupted by a number of things, technology being one of them.”

Christian Hamm, COO, SiteMax

What to expect?

Easy, practical, jargon-free conversations all with a job site perspective.

We’ll be bringing on guests and high-quality leaders, young and old, to talk about their experiences facing today’s industry pressures — the big generational shift, the demand for high-quality branding, the growth of competition, etc.

“By having some of these notable people on — many who have a wealth of insight but just haven’t been able to share it, workin’ nose-to-the-ground — we want to transfer their knowledge to our listeners. Show the innovative, cool ways companies are responding to industry changes.”

Andrew Hansen, CEO, SITE Partners

Along with this practical insight, you can also expect to hear those memorable, career-shaping stories apart of the Construction culture. Those frustrating moments on the job site. Wet, tired, ready to quit. Grinding through an impossible job, getting it done, turning nothing into something. Showing how teenagers working a summer gig in general labour move up and up, eventually leading up hundred-million dollar companies.

It’s all there waiting to be told, and The Site Visit Podcast hosts are ready to jump right into it.

Check it out!

Listen to The Site Visit on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play or check out

We’re already rolling. Listen to episodes where we talk about branding and positioning in 2019, disrupting labour on demand, why relationships matter in Construction, and more.

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