The SiteMax BRIDGE initiative is designed to integrate third party application API’s. We are always working to add more integrations that make sense for you, our customer. If you have specific requests, please send an email to


Before you connect Quickbooks, we are OBLIGATED to inform you of the following issues that can very easily arise from your SiteMax integration with QuickBooks.

  1.     Users and Vendors cannot be deleted from Quickbooks.
  2.     If you push Vendors and Users that already exist you will create a duplicate record in Quickbooks i.e.: vendorname (1), user (2)
  3.     Purchase Orders can only be pushed if the vendor exists in Quickbooks, you MUST add vendor first.
  4.     Purchase Orders must contain ordered items with values to establish record in Quickbooks, please add items.
  5.     Users in SiteMax must exist in Quickbooks to push timecard records.
  6.     Some Quickbooks data will be empty due to SiteMax not having the identical data structure.
  7.     A/P account and or expense accounts are required to push to Quickbooks.

Single account connection to Dropbox. Upon connection, a folder will be created inside the root dropbox folder called “sitemax”. From in there, each time a new project is created, a folder will be created with that name. This name is the unique identifier to that path, so the name cannot be changed.