How To Save Time and Money In Your Construction Business

In todays Digital Age, time is money. There is no argument that technology can make your company’s process a lot faster compared to doing work by hand the old fashioned way. Our construction project management technology allows you to keep your exact same company process, it simply just digitizes it. This means you are saving a lot more time using our features aimed specifically at “timesaving”, and it makes managing your projects a lot easier and more efficient. We are going to outline some of these key time saving features SiteMax 3.0 has to offer below:

  • Digital Time Cards: Input daily time with any combination of cost codes. Administer your own cost codes. Enter in any type of hours RT, OT, Time 1/2, or Double-time. No more paper time cards necessary!
  • Tool Tracking: Scan the QR codes on your tools with the device camera and find out info on tools. This allows you to easily track them and move them from job to job.
  • Purchase Order Slips: Issue PO’s from the site. Say goodbye to the multi-part books of yesterday. Once issued, the system generates a PDF in your company’s branded format.
  • Daily Progress Photos: Photos are attached to the day and can be uploaded in High Quality if required. In the iPhone version you can see a horizontal preview of the days photos.
  • Dynamic Forms:  Customize ANY paper forms and make them digital. This is a revolutionary feature that can quickly take your company’s organization and productivity to the next level.

These are only some of the many different features that SiteMax 3.0 has to offer. Our goal is not to change the proven process of your company, we simply want to help you advance it. Keep your process that already works, and let us help you make the smooth transition into the Digital Age. To learn more about our many other features or to book a free demo today visit!

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