Going Paperless in Construction has Never Been Easier

Going paperless with SiteMax can save your managers an hour each work day

Less paperwork, more building—it’s our motto for a reason.

In construction, there’s a ton of time wasted on paperwork. And worse than that, dependency on paperwork is just not good for business.

It takes an estimated average of 18 minutes to find a paper document, and a whopping 70 percent of businesses would fail in three weeks if they had a catastrophic loss of paper due to a fire or flood.

Cutting back on the time spent on paperwork means more time to allocate towards getting the job done right on the worksite. With feedback from our clients and averaging the different workflows, it’s estimated that SiteMax saves our average Field Manager 45 to 60 minutes per day.

In Just 21 Days you can find that sticking with it with an average of 5 projects you can save $36,000 in lost productivity annually.

Our clients have cut costs, time and effort across the board, all by having everything they need to manage a jobsite done in one place—easily, efficiently and without the need for more paperwork. Here are some of the advantages from going paperless:

  • Real-time information. Going paperless with SiteMax means all the information you’re dealing with is current, consistent and managed in ‘real-time’.

  • Centralized location. By having a primary hub for document and communication, SiteMax creates an all-in-one location for the key information you need right away.

  • Easily accessible. Rather than working in silos, the jobsite now has the opportunity to share forms for your entire team to see at the click of a button (that means no big binders to dig through).

  • Field-to-Office communications. By going paperless the office and the field is always connected—leading to faster build time and approval process.

Want to see how SiteMax works? We’ve made our self sign-up just as efficient. Our self sign-up process is entirely paperless, fast and effortless.

Our free, step-by-step 21-day trial process requires no long forms, no need to talk to anyone, no sales person and no credit card number (how free trials should be). It’s completely done on your smartphone or computer. And as a part of the trial, you’ll get access to every single one of our solutions (besides the mailed QR stickers for your tools). It’s a full power plan trial. Take the opportunity to go paperless today.

Why 21 days? It gives you enough time to use our entire construction software solution—including a redeveloped app for iphone and android — within a whole 2-week pay period. This also allows for you to see the functionality of our digital time card system, one of our leading jobsite solutions. Being able to have time, tasks, photos, site and safety reports all in their pocket has been invaluable for our customers.

So if you want to see the solutions SiteMax can offer your business, there’s no reason to wait. [https://sitemax.cloud/getting-started/email] Start your free trial today and begin making the move toward a paperless job site. Your staff will thank you.