General Contractors

Streamline your field to office communication in one place.

Collaboration at its finest.

Whether it’s between field and office or the GC and the Sub, communication can be tough even at the best of times. With SiteMax, you can take control of the project communication and reap the benefits of true collaboration. 

Who is SiteMax for?


Who need easy to use features and powerful reporting day in a day out.

Project Managers

Who need to use a powerful reporting system throughout the week.


Who need easy to use photo management and time card features day in and day out.

Safety Officers

Who need to use and access a system for inspections throughout the week.

Trusted by Industry Leading General Contractors

“What I like most about SiteMax is the in-depth reporting and tracking — to go back and see project details months after a project is complete. A client will ask about a footing, a sidewalk, what’s under the sidewalk, and with a million things going on as a Superintendent, seeing photos and site reports of a given day helps a ton.”

Kyle Scott
Wales McLelland Construction

Easy adoption, immediate results.


Save time

Spend less time searching for critical project data and more time getting ahead.


Avoid costly mistakes

Maintain accuracy and keep everyone on the same page with centralized project reporting and visibility.


Get more work

Get the job done right, build trust with clients and get the next one lined up and increase your throughput.

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