Stay in compliance and reduce risk

Site Reports

Providing on-point reporting for your sites daily activities on-the-go is crucial for increasing jobsite productivity. Optimize your construction management processes with branded site reports. Simply utilize one of our stock forms or create your own with our easy to use drag and drop form builder. Your field and office staff will now have access to these to create entries for the day. From a site personnel count to checklists and procedures, it has never been easier to implement your own procedures.

Safety Reports

Satisfying safety authorities can be an arduous task, but with SiteMax, all your safety information is right in the palm of your hand. No more shuffling through stacks of paper to locate misplaced reports. Organized by the job, accessing files, forms and guides can be as easy as it gets. When it does come time to produce, all your safety documentation is easily accessible. Simply select, attach and send, and your PDF's will be delivered. Stay in compliance. Safety reporting has never been easier.

Increase your professionalism

Daily Activity Report

Clients love to see the progress reports of their beloved projects. They'll love it, even more, when they don't have to ask for one. Our automated Daily Activity Report grabs relevant information from all your day's forms and packages it into a branded PDF to be delivered via email. Simply schedule the date and time and our software will automatically generate and email your Daily Activity Reports. It is by far the most comprehensive field reporting software in the construction industry.

Field Purchase Orders

Your superintendents will love to flex their tech muscles; creating purchase orders directly from the field has never been easier. Create and share them immediately with the vendors and the office. Have instant access anywhere and on any device. Connecting your field workers to the office is simple with our construction software for General Contractors.

Gain visibility of jobsite activities


See the progress of all ongoing projects at a glance. The dashboard organizes your projects with a progress bar and notification badges that light up throughout the day so you can easily access the status of your projects. You can also invite third parties to this dashboard and restrict what projects they see. There are many ways our General Contractor software can make your job easier.

Mobile Feed

The SiteMax app automatically aggregates key construction site data from the jobsite into a real-time feed of daily activities. See something of interest, tap on it and take a look. No more wondering if someone has completed a report or finished a task. Easily access the information you need to keep your projects moving forward.

Communicate and Collaborate


Texting and direct messaging is nothing new, but having all your project related messaging centralized within one construction management software comes with some significant advantages. You have a consistent place to communicate about JUST WORK. The conversations can be one-on-one or part of a group which is perfect for distribution of company-wide alerts. General or project specific conversations are separated to keep information from getting mixed.

Photo Management

Take photos and videos on your walkthroughs and add them to your Daily Activity Reports. Organize your files with descriptions in the field right from your mobile device. Simple jobsite photo management shows context and gives perspective with the storyline of a project. Photos are organized by the day, in the project day view and in its own dedicated area.