How Can Flex Forms Benefit You?

Does your construction company have a project management process that works but is just a little dated? You may not want to deviate from your current operation and that’s why we’ve created a product that makes it easy to get up to date with the Digital Age while keeping your current process the same. Our “Flex Forms” product allows you to keep your current process in modules that seem native with the only difference being they’re now digital. Your current company process is something that works, and we would never want you to change that. Our goal is to simply help increase the efficiency and productivity of your company in a digital manner. We have created something revolutionary to make this transition simple, easy and efficient. Flex Forms offer you customization to a whole new level. We take YOUR process and create digital forms that perfectly fit your company’s needs so that these forms are unique only to YOUR company…for maximum results

What are Flex Forms?

These Flex Forms not only function extremely well from a technical stand point, but also feel great to use throughout our Site Report & Safety Centre modules. Our talented development teams eye for design makes these forms modern, simple and easy to use. Flex Forms allow you to have any of your company’s paper forms, PDF files, etc. converted to digital. Some examples of Flex Forms are as follows (but definitely not limited to): Daily Trade Log, Site Delay Report, Tests and Inspection Report, Daily Safety Evaluation, Tool Box Talk, or an Accident Investigation Report.

The Digital Age is here and there is no better time to advance your proven process than now with SiteMax. It doesn’t get easier or more custom than that!

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