Features That Make Running Your Project Easy

Want a project management software that can be customized to your unique business? SiteMax is a Construction Site Management System designed specifically for construction. Site management has never been easier for your foreman, superintendents and back office staff. Customizable site and safety reports with multiple permissions enable you to have different forms and checklists for clients, sub trades, field workers, and site leads.

We have an animated new features page on our website that allows you to get a better idea of what the features look like in our app. Some examples of our features are:

Estimated Completion Clock

Project consciousness is key! The project due date is displayed with a countdown clock for multiple locations on the iOS app and the web application. This is generated by the difference between the start and end dates. You can also put projects to an “On Deck” or “Completed” status.

Tool Tracking and Management

Utilize the QR stickers to add an identity to your tools. Once the tools are in the system you will be able to move them from one job to another, create tool boxes and track their location.

Time Cards and Geo Checkin/out

Tracking time can make or break a project. Employees time cards are a critical component of the construction process, SiteMax makes it simple. You are able to setup your pay periods and cost codes, enabling your staff to provide daily time details to the office. Do you have too many people in the field? Having 1 person do time at the end of each day isn’t always ideal.  With SiteMax this issue no longer exists. Workers can now individually check into a job site using their mobile devices via geo-location. The checkin/out time can be verified by a site admin at anytime.

Visit our features page to get a full list of everything we have to offer. Or give us a call at 1-(888)-885-4036 for more details on the software and learn how to get 20% off before January 1st, 2017.

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