Tiga Workwear: Empowering Women in the Construction Workforce

In celebration of Women’s Equality Day, we are highlighting Tiga Workwear. These women have found a passion for making the work place an equal environment and doing so through recognizing what the desires and needs are for women in the work force. The entrepreneurs have stated that: “We always found it difficult to buy our safety boots. We wanted boots that fit, were comfortable, and looked great. We looked, we shopped, but could never find safety boots that we wanted to buy.” We think it is safe to say that they have expressed what many women feel in the construction and trades industry.

It is unfortunate that quite often women hear that they are not strong enough or well enough equipped to be successfully working in the construction world but with the support and existence from businesses such as Tiga Workwear, the barriers slowly begin to break down. This is for the courageous woman who understands that she can accomplish anything as great as anyone else and just as well. This is for the courageous women who are told that they are not strong enough, but they step up and show the industry differently. In society, nothing will work unless you do!

Check out Tiga Workwear’s website for their selection and to learn more about their story: http://bit.ly/1NBE34P
Social Media:
Twitter: @Tigaworkwear
Instagram: Tigaworkwear

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