Bold Construction


Bold Construction, a construction company based in Vancouver, sees innovation as a necessary way to stand apart in today’s Construction industry. With SiteMax, they got a jobsite management solution. Reducing inefficiencies and creating overall simplicity in the field and office; results that align exactly with their vision and competitive advantage as a company.


Our Customers say

"As the CSO of Fusion Projects, SiteMax has been integral in the ability to be Core Certified. The system has enabled us to have a repeatable and scalable process that has been very easy for the field to adopt."

Will Wright

Fusion Projects

"The team at SiteMax has met or exceeded every challenge we have presented to them in order to make their software work for us.  SiteMax is highly customizable but still very user friendly and has allowed us to simplify many processes and procedures within our company.  Keep up the great work!"

Jeff Chan

Centurion Construction

"SiteMax has streamlined our site paperwork into an easy digital experience that our people took well to and our clients love the real-time updates"

Ray Shareski

Wales McLelland Construction

"SiteMax has allowed me to get my business organized with my field crews. Before using SiteMax my project information was all over the place. Now my clients can tell we are a well oiled machine "

Ben Garriott

BigRock Concrete

“All my reporting—daily safety inspections, vehicle inspections, hazards reports, first aid—are on SiteMax. We have all of our orientations on there as well. The platform just brings it all together in one easy package. Having everything so close and convenient, it’s like a portable office.”

Aaron Michaux

Bold Construction

"We have been working with SiteMax for many years and would recommend their system and service to anyone looking to optimize their site workflows. We can always count on them to help us with our needs."


Darwin Construction

Wales McLelland


Wales McLelland uses SiteMax daily to organize and complete all their projects more efficiently. Construction professionals love using SiteMax to increase field productivity and save valuable time and money on the job site. Consolidate your daily field management processes with our simple and powerful construction app. So your teams can focus on what really matters, building.