Construction Timecards

Digitally track time in the field and streamline for the office.

Flexible time tracking for individuals and crews.

Time tracking methods vary, quite significantly, from crew to crew and jobsite to jobsite. Using paper, email or complicated time clock applications often leads to inaccurate hours and descriptions of work performed. Reduce frustration, lost information and the time it takes to enter hours and get your people paid.

Quick entry in the field.

Keeping track of time is crucial on every project, our Timecards make this easy for individuals and your entire crew. Record hours quickly and accurately, designating time type and applying cost codes to each entry. With digital Timecards, there’s no more searching for paper copies or sifting through your inbox.

Submit and approve from anywhere.

The beautiful thing about Timecards being in one place, they can be approved there too. Continue the seamless theme and review your individual or crew time, before submitting for approval.

Streamlined for payroll.

Watch all your project Timecards come together in one central location. Save real time and real money, by simply exporting Timecard data to your payroll or ERP solution right from SiteMax. Though it goes without saying, the office will be pumped for payroll.

More tools for the field

For the


Daily Reports

Complete your daily reports in minutes.


Create forms and checklists and track your safety management program.


Digitally track time in the field and streamline for the office.


Document daily progress and key milestones with project photos.


Track tools and equipment across all your projects.

Punch Lists

Effectively manage deficiency items between the field and office.

Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders in the field and track real-time job costs.

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