Task Management

Track and manage both general and specific project tasks.

Tasks are the backbone of any project.

To-do lists are powerful, unless they have been through the wash. Though phones seldom make their way into the laundry, it’s best to keep your daily reminders in them. Just reach into your pocket and knock off those lists in SiteMax.

Make to-do lists, to-done lists.

Generate powerful to-do lists as fast as you can enter them. Keep things simple and utilize our tasks as a general dump of information or step further into the details with notes and due dates. Either way, to-done is one tap away.

Look Ahead when you need to.

With all of your lists and all of your tasks, it only makes sense to do more in SiteMax. Jump out of the list view and into the look ahead for a snapshot of what’s to come, filtered by day, week or month. Once you are happy with your look ahead, export your view for powerful project updates.

Get more done, together.

If ripping through checklists isn’t thrilling enough, invite others to join you. Simply assign individual tasks or complete checklists to those on your project team and watch the collaborative journey unfold. In SiteMax, you can build better, together.

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For the



Track and manage both general and specific project tasks.


Securely store project documentation and acces from anywhere.


Manage Requests-for-Information and close the loop in one place.

Change Orders

Manage Change Order workflows and approvals in one place.


Upload sets, mark-up and add pins for punch items, RFIs, tasks and more.

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