Manage Requests-for-Information and close the loop in one place.

Project communcation just got better.

Great communication is a vital part of any successful construction project. When something is so critical, tracking it manually can be cause for significant delays and cost overages. With SiteMax, you can take control of the RFI management process and get time back on your side.

Organize RFIs better.

Take your RFI log to new levels with dynamic fields and track due dates, status and urgency at a quick glance. Filter RFIs by fields of your choice, including response details, and export for powerful project reporting.

Close RFIs faster.

With SiteMax, you can track all RFI correspondence in one place. Simply outline the information required, assign responsibilities with due dates and watch the responses roll in. All RFI responses can be made through our construction management platform and connect directly through your email. When it’s time to close, select your final responses for circulation and hit the distribute button.

Link RFIs to related items.

In addition to a great new RFI Log, SiteMax gives you the ability to pin point RFI locations directly on your plans. You can streamline the change order process too. Simply select the related RFI and key information gets linked automatically.

More tools for the office

For the



Track and manage both general and specific project tasks.


Securely store project documentation and acces from anywhere.


Manage Requests-for-Information and close the loop in one place.

Change Orders

Manage Change Order workflows and approvals in one place.


Upload sets, mark-up and add pins for punch items, RFIs, tasks and more.

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