Punch Lists
for Construction

Effectively manage deficiency items between the field and office.

Deal with deficiencies as they happen..

No need for punch lists to be another win for the notebook, binder or spreadsheet. Keep a clean, current list of all project deficiencies with clear responsibilities, due dates and status in SiteMax. It’s a win for project efficiency and collaboration between the field and office.

Quickly capture deficiencies in the field.

With SiteMax, your punch lists begin as fast as you can take a photo. Fill out punch item details on the spot or save them for later and build that list in a hurry. Assign responsibilities and get punch items in the right hands for completion.

Manage project deficiencies in one place.

When closing out a job is your number one priority, get a little help from your friends. In SiteMax, you can provide access for key project stakeholders to review and complete punch lists together. Filter punch Items by responsibility or status anytime and export lists for those who need them.

Link Punch items to drawings.

When adding deficiencies, taking photos and building quick lists is often enough. If you want to kick things up a notch, add specific locations to Punch Items and view them right on your project plans.

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Punch Lists

Effectively manage deficiency items between the field and office.

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