Photo Management

Document daily progress and key milestones with project photos.

The big picture is powerful.

Pictures really do communicate much more than a pile of notes or long winded email. Since we all have a camera in our pocket or vest, taking them has never been so convenient. Walk your jobsite, snap photos and keep moving, all your photo data is in SiteMax, ready to access anytime.

Manage your media gallery.

Snap away, quite literally, there’s no limit in SiteMax. Store as many project photos and videos as needed in our construction cloud and even organize them based on project stages. At any point, you can export photos en masse or share collections with stakeholders outside of SiteMax.


Easily upload and store photos.

Point and shoot, upload from camera roll or attach to a field report. Either way, your photos end up in SiteMax, date stamped and in the correct project folder. With SiteMax, capturing photos is simple and displaying them on the real-time project dashboard is powerful.

Link photos to drawings.

Take your photo management a step further and associate them with key drawing locations. Just another way to capture progress and issues as they come up throughout the day. Don’t panic, all photos linked to plans remain organized in your media gallery, for quick reference at any point.

More tools for the field

For the


Daily Reports

Complete your daily reports in minutes.


Create forms and checklists and track your safety management program.


Digitally track time in the field and streamline for the office.


Document daily progress and key milestones with project photos.


Track tools and equipment across all your projects.

Punch Lists

Effectively manage deficiency items between the field and office.

Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders in the field and track real-time job costs.

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