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Construction Management

Construction Management

SITEMAX SYSTEMS INC. is focused on providing cloud construction management software to construction companies in the industrial, residential, civil and commercial sectors. Our approach is to use knowledge of user applications and 40 years of on-site experience to provide innovative applications. These applications make your business communication smoother, whilst simplifying the process of inputting data.


Construction Management


SiteMax is simply the best construction management software options out there with the right blend of features. There are others who may have more here and there, but you are paying a pretty penny for them even if you don’t use them.

The SiteMax platform in and of itself is powerful in terms of company management, roles, codes, contacts, vendors, etc. But when you add the outstanding purpose built features, the experience is fantastic. Features include:

  • Digital Time Cards

  • Site Reports with Flex Form Technology

  • Daily Progress Photo Log

  • Safety Reports with Flex Form Technology

  • 24 Hour Weather Tracking & Logging

  • Punchlists with per/item chat thread and photos

  • File System with Dropbox Integration

  • Tool Inventory Management

  • Purchase Orders

  • Task lists with % complete feedback

  • Client link for client progress dashoard

  • Apple TV app for the office

  • Geolocation field time checkin application with drive time on any device

This set of powerful features allows you to do all your site to office management leaving virtually no blind spots while at the office.

In closing, you should book a demo and speak to one of our Product Experts about how SiteMax can help Project Management from Site.

Project Management

Field Management

Field Management

NEW Features



Go Paperless

Going paperless not only reduces waste, it increases jobsite productivity. Organize your jobsite and streamline project communication.


Consolidate Apps

Get everything you need in one place with construction management software that delivers a centralized experience.

Construction management

Construction Management

SiteMax provides an all in one solution, your projects will run more efficiently and with unparalleled accuracy.

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