A Construction iPad App Perfect for Your Company

Are you tired of the copious amounts of paperwork you have on site? Of constantly looking through file folders or printing off new documents?

Not only does all this paper lead to a need for storage space and often disorganization, but it can also affect efficiency within your company. You might notice other companies becoming far more advanced in the tech world, however you’re holding back since you’re concerned about any change damaging your company’s current process.

Seeing as we are currently in the Digital Age, it has never been more appropriate to go green and to take advantage of great technology.

Get Ready for Construction iPad App Liftoff

With SiteMax 3.0 software, we make sure you aren’t changing your company’s current process in order to adapt to the Digital Age. We take YOUR process (excel forms, PDF files etc.) and digitize them for you. We call this feature Dynamic Forms. No matter what type of form you have, we can convert it to digital.  This way everything is easy to use from any of your devices. Examples of these forms are Daily Site Reports such as daily trade logs, site delay reports, and tests/inspection reports. More examples include Safety Reports such as daily safety evaluation, tool box talk, and accident investigation. Whether you are checking in using our timecard feature on your smart phone, filling out a purchase order on your iPad, or perhaps using your desktop to view project progress…SiteMax 3.0 is user-friendly and simple. Compatible and responsive on any smart device.


We have listened to the industry and recently released the latest version of our software to better suit client needs. Book a FREE online demo today to see exactly how to navigate our system and improve efficiency within your construction company. For more information on the other time-saving features SiteMax 3.0 has to offer visit sitemaxsystems.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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