Equipment Management

Track tools and equipment across all your projects.

Say goodbye to the equipment spreadsheet.

Like many things construction management related, manual process can only go so far. While tools and equipment love to find their way to static documents, SiteMax helps bring a little automation into the mix. Take control of your tool and equipment management and save money on lost or unmaintained items.

Easily add and move equipment.

Before you ditch that spreadsheet save it one last time, and then import it into SiteMax. Whether bulk uploaded or added on the fly, all your tools and equipment can be managed through our cloud-based system. Utilize our in app QR code scanner to add new pieces or move them around to any project or toolbox.

Organize your toolshed.

In SiteMax, your tools and equipment can be easily catalogued and organized by the fields within each profile. Gain visibility into equipment condition, location and movement as these profiles are updated and progress is made across all your projects.

Complete Inspections and receive maintenance reminders.

Keep employees safe and stay on top of compliance with vehicle and equipment inspections. Make use of stock forms or build your own checklists in order to conduct your inspections in minutes. With the forms complete and records up to date, be sure to look for maintenance reminders to do it all again in SiteMax.

More tools for the field

For the


Daily Reports

Complete your daily reports in minutes.


Create forms and checklists and track your safety management program.


Digitally track time in the field and streamline for the office.


Document daily progress and key milestones with project photos.


Track tools and equipment across all your projects.

Punch Lists

Effectively manage deficiency items between the field and office.

Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders in the field and track real-time job costs.

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