Document Management

Securely store project documentation and access from anywhere.

Embrace a digital filing cabinet, in the field and office.

When document storage is limitless and access is permission based, it’s a good day. When your project team can access the documentation they need, when they need it, it’s a great day. Own your documentation and your data and simply archive your projects for any other day.

Access documents in the field.

There are enough details to keep track of day to day, we’re here to help your keep project documents at your fingertips. Whether you are in the field or in the office, you can upload and access your documentation any time, as long as you have permission to do so. Even if you are in a hole or basement or parkade, you can still access what you need offline.

Unlimited storage.

In SiteMax, every project has a module dedicated to document storage and management, plain and simple. With so many scopes, specs, quotes and sketches on every job, it only sense that no limit be placed on the amount you can store. Everything is safe and secure in our construction cloud, available anytime and always yours.

Add documents to related items.

It’s always nice to access specifications and instructions when you need to, it’s even better when you can see what they are connected too. With SiteMax, you can link attachments to drawings locations, tasks and punch items and gain a bit more perspective on the information at hand.

More tools for the office

For the



Track and manage both general and specific project tasks.


Securely store project documentation and acces from anywhere.


Manage Requests-for-Information and close the loop in one place.

Change Orders

Manage Change Order workflows and approvals in one place.


Upload sets, mark-up and add pins for punch items, RFIs, tasks and more.

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