Drawing Management

Clean up your site trailer and avoid confusion with digital drawing management.

The latest set of plans is in your pocket.

Take control of drawing management with SiteMax, no printers or remote servers required. Easily access the most up to date drawing sets and know that your project team is on the same page.

Access drawings in the field.

Quickly and easily upload your plans from the office and view in field. No need to split drawing sets as SiteMax automatically separates sheets for you. Enjoy having all your plans organized by respective discipline, available to access to anywhere, anytime.

Avoid version history confusion.

With SiteMax, you can confidently access the most recent plan sets and revisions for your project. Track version history, with upload dates and user identification, and access any previous versions as needed.

Link 'em, mark 'em, share 'em.

Powerfully link RFIs, photos, punch items, tasks and even section details in SiteMax. Ditch your markers and post-its and simply make notes and annotations directly on your drawing sheets. Further streamline the collaborative process and give permission-based access to subcontractors or consultants.

More tools for the office

For the



Track and manage both general and specific project tasks.


Securely store project documentation and acces from anywhere.


Manage Requests-for-Information and close the loop in one place.

Change Orders

Manage Change Order workflows and approvals in one place.


Upload sets, mark-up and add pins for punch items, RFIs, tasks and more.

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