SiteMax Systems Inc. | Connect Your Construction Workers to the Office

Connect Your Construction Workers to the Office

 As a General Contractor you need to know what is going on at your projects. SiteMax boasts electronic onsite Purchase Orders, a Timecard System for self performance work, Interactive Safety Reports, Punch list, a myriad of Site Reports, plus the capability to have your own special forms added. The system is designed to centralize the site to office paperwork that still today is being pushed via email and even paper.

Why do you need SiteMax?

SiteMax offers a centralized place to hold project information. Know what your people are doing daily and ensure they are accountable for the money you’re paying them. Create efficiencies to scale your business as well as having the opportunity to look back and see what you have done with ease. SiteMax will position your business as a progressive brand, and offer YOUR clients transparent access.

SiteMax allows you to SAVE money in the long run. Save big time on your payroll in addition to saving money on any unaccounted tools. With SiteMax you can take your professional business to a whole new efficiency level.

To start, you have to be serious about growing your business. We are interested in working with clients who will take advantage of our system and support to elevate their company. So that is the first step… You being committed to success. We put a lot of energy into our clients and look forward to guiding you as well.

We start this process by Booking a Demo today! In this discussion, we want to learn your needs, and if all goes well, you can send us the form samples that you have been using for years, so we can convert them into FlexForms for you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

SiteMax Systems Inc. | Connect Your Construction Workers to the Office

Project Management

Field Management

Field Management

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Go Paperless

Going paperless not only reduces waste, it increases jobsite productivity. Organize your jobsite and streamline project communication.


Consolidate Apps

Get everything you need in one place with construction management software that delivers a centralized experience.

Construction management

Construction Management

SiteMax provides an all in one solution, your projects will run more efficiently and with unparalleled accuracy.

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