Looking for SiteDocs Alternatives? Consider SiteMax

SiteMax Systems Inc. | Looking for SiteDocs Alternatives? Consider SiteMax

As the construction industry continues to shift towards the digitization of paperwork and reporting, any contracting company must implement software that is simple and flexible to replicate their unique processes. There are multiple options when viewing construction reporting software, but not all are created equal or aim to solve the same problems.  Continue scrolling to […]

Looking for Autodesk Construction Cloud Alternatives? Consider SiteMax

SiteMax vs Autodesk

In the fast-paced world of construction, efficiency is paramount. From managing complex projects to coordinating multiple stakeholders, construction companies face a myriad of challenges that can impact timelines, budgets, and overall project success. In the quest to streamline operations and enhance productivity, the right construction management software can make all the difference. Continue scrolling to […]

Looking for Fieldwire Alternatives? Consider SiteMax

Fieldwire vs. SiteMax

In the search for the “right” construction management software, there are multiple functions to consider to ensure the solution you implement fits the unique needs of your construction business. This article will provide a detailed summary of “must-have” features to consider in the evaluation process and outline the alternatives available to Fieldwire.  Continue scrolling to […]

5 Ways to Maximize Tradeshow ROI | Lessons from Live Podcasting at BUILDEX 2023

maximizing tradeshow ROI

Trade shows aren’t what they used to be for exhibitors and attendees. Typically, trade shows are great for business development and networking, allowing businesses to meet new prospects and promote their products or services. However, attending these events can be costly, and many businesses struggle to maximize their ROI. That’s why The Site Visit podcast, […]

SiteMax Takes on BuildEx 2019

SiteMax Systems Inc. | SiteMax Takes on BuildEx 2019

Meeting clients, industry experts and a lot of new faces at one of the largest building events in Western Canada. SiteMax — yellow shirts, tagline and all — was busy at this year’s BuildEx in Vancouver, BC, sharing our story and message in a convention centre full of leading builders and contractors. With a team […]

How Can Flex Forms Benefit You?

SiteMax Systems Inc. | How Can Flex Forms Benefit You?

Does your construction company have a project management process that works but is just a little dated? You may not want to deviate from your current operation and that’s why we’ve created a product that makes it easy to get up to date with the Digital Age while keeping your current process the same. Our […]

New Clients: Discount on SiteMax Software Before 2017!

SiteMax Systems Inc. | New Clients: Discount on SiteMax Software Before 2017!

In honour of the recent launch of our updated software SiteMax 3.0, we have a new client discount running all the way up until December 31st, 2016! If you are a General Contractor or Trade Service company, SiteMax 3.0 is for you. SiteMax is a cloud construction project management app that brings efficiency to your […]

Going Digital: Where To Begin

Do you have a construction company, whether a General Contractor or Trade, with a current process that’s effective but slightly dated? Your company is successful even though your methodology might not be as modern or digital as many other businesses. Though you’ve felt some pressure to make the switch, it SEEMS like a tedious process […]

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