Case Study: Townline Construction

SiteMax Systems Inc. | Case Study: Townline Construction With more workers retiring than getting hired year-to-year in Construction and the trades, technology adoption can be a struggle. Older workers bring experience and know-how, but introducing technology-driven processes into the work routine usually takes time. For most, this means sticking to what’s worked. But for Construction, that’s become impossible to do. Competition is […]

Case Study: Bold Construction

SiteMax Systems Inc. | Case Study: Bold Construction It goes without saying that we respect that kind of thinking. Companies like Bold Construction are leading the charge for industry innovation by adopting leading construction management technology, which as trends show, continue to drastically shape the face of Construction — impacting how people do business and how contractors hit quicker deadlines and tighter […]

Case Study: Wales McLelland Construction

SiteMax Systems Inc. | Case Study: Wales McLelland Construction Wales McLelland Construction, a Vancouver-based Contractor, has been hitting deadlines, meeting budgets and providing industry expertise in the construction industry for nearly 50 years — which translates into half a century of change, agility and growth. With 2020 just around the corner, as a leader of the industry (compared to the countless new and […]

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