The Challenge

For Wales McLelland the shift from traditional to digital came at a time when a lot more construction businesses in North America were taking the leap into new software solutions. At the time, the “why fix what isn’t broken” kind of mentality was still prevalent within the construction industry. But times have changed and adopting new technology has

now become completely necessary for Contractors looking to keep their business growing and moving forward. In 2018, it’s reported that more than 32% of construction owners planned to spend more on technology; with 41% saying they’re looking to buy a new or upgraded version of their current construction management software.

The Solution

“What I like most about SiteMax is the in-depth reporting and tracking — to go back and see project details months after a project is complete. A client will ask about a footing, a sidewalk, what’s under the sidewalk, and with a million things going on as a Superintendent, seeing photos and site reports of a given day helps a ton.”

With one central office in Richmond and projects happening all over the Lower Mainland, SiteMax offered a simple solution for Wales gain complete visibility of every project; making it convenient and easy to keep every jobsite in check. Not only did this cut back on time and stress, it also allowed anyone from the office who might have to visit or meet at a jobsite to prepare with

all the details they need beforehand, dramatically improving efficiency across the board. From site photos, tasks, schedules and activities, head office personnel are connected to each jobsite in a personal way. With SiteMax, this field to office connection supports Wales McLelland’s culture of transparency, open communication and pursuit of excellence.

The Solution

SiteMax gave Wales McLelland a tool to allow their clients to have full visibility on a project if they needed it — allowing them to see real-time updates, leave comments, use the messaging feature to reach out, see safety reports. With SiteMax, whatever necessary insight a client needs, Wales McLelland can provide it instantly and without the back-and-forth phone calls or excessively long emails.

“Things get hectic and crazy in this business, with situations to tackle in real-time. With SiteMax we’re able to keep everything on track and organized — it’s almost eliminated the need for a filing cabinet, which is great. Don’t have to haul that everywhere.”

With SiteMax, Wales McLelland got the most comprehensive field reporting software in the industry — automated daily activity reports, collected from all the day’s forms, and easy-to-access safety reports organized by the job. It’s an upside not only for their clients and office, but for workers out on the field too. With a number of job sites operating at once, the digital tool tracking functionality of SiteMax gave Wales McLelland peace of mind — knowing exactly where all their assets were, what was being used, what condition they were in, if more equipment was needed.

With a track record of excellence spanning over 40 years, Wales McLelland is an example of why every business needs to stay on top of innovation, introducing new strategies and technology into their operations. If you’re a business stuck in the paperwork, this is your hint to pick up the pace and keep your time focused in on what matters most—building.