Case Study: Bold Construction

Bold Construction, a construction company based in Vancouver, sees innovation as a necessary way to stand apart in today’s Construction industry. With a vision to ‘become Canada’s most innovative Construction company’, you don’t have to go much further than their name to figure out what Bold Construction is all about. Their aim is to challenge the status quo, strengthening and invigorating the communities they work in, with new construction management software technology and a forward-looking perspective.

It goes without saying that we respect that kind of thinking. Companies like Bold Construction are leading the charge for industry innovation by adopting leading construction management technology, which as trends show, continue to drastically shape the face of Construction — impacting how people do business and how contractors hit quicker deadlines and tighter budgets.

As Bold Construction understands, utilizing innovative tools and products like SiteMax within their business is key for any lean company to stay one step ahead, gaining some advantage over construction contractors who are slower moving.

Who is Bold Construction?

Over the past decade, the team at Bold Construction has quickly built a diverse portfolio of multi-family homes and commercial tenant improvements throughout the Lower Mainland in British Columbia, Canada.

Their projects, ranging from mixed-use to residential homes to commercial, retail and office spaces, are making a mark in Vancouver — currently working on large-scale projects like Synchro, a 29-unit smart home collection in one of Vancouver’s most popular neighborhoods, and Galt Street Flats, a 28-unit collection of condos in East Vancouver.

Why they went with SiteMax.

To continue to deliver above-and-beyond quality, Bold Construction needed to have the right construction field management solutions in place to keep processes fast, simple, and agile. Ensuring all their projects are running on time and under budget. That’s where SiteMax came in.

Over a year and a half ago, they made the shift over to SiteMax Construction Cloud Software, immediately seeing company wide improvements through simple paperless reporting, easy-to-access data, full visibility of project activities, and instant communication between the office and job site.

They were amazed at the field management optimizations the SiteMax construction software provides. Simplifying the daily activities for construction professionals from superintendents and payroll admins, to project and safety managers – SiteMax provides simple solutions to everyday job site activities.

With SiteMax, they got a jobsite management solution. Reducing inefficiencies and creating overall simplicity in the field and office; results that align exactly with their vision and competitive advantage as a company.

“The simplicity of SiteMax is its shining quality. I’ve never had any issues and training others on how to use it. It has been very straightforward. Everyone gets it right off the bat. It’s super intuitive, simple, and the layout is fantastic.”

  • Aaron Michaux, Construction Safety Officer, Bold Construction

On the jobsite: The Results

The answer to “what’s the biggest benefit of SiteMax?” is always different depending on who you ask.

Ask the admin team at head office, it’s most likely ditching the filing cabinet and cutting a ton of paperwork. Ask the client or stakeholders, it’s gaining visibility on any of their construction projects easily and in real-time. Ask a Site Superintendent, it’s the in-depth project and jobsite tracking, gaining the ability to easily go back on every project to accurately see specific details months prior.

At Bold Construction, we chatted with Aaron Michaux, a Construction Safety Officer who joined Bold Construction three years ago. And he had his own set of answers — centered around ease of safety and compliance reporting.

Industry-wide, Safety and Compliance is continuously changing with adapting procedures, updated specifics, countless checklists, and a ton of details. That’s why it’s vital for OH&S workers like Aaron to keep all their paperwork, reports, and daily inspection reports simple, organized, and always up to date.

“All my reporting—daily safety inspections, vehicle inspections, hazards reports, first aid—are on SiteMax. We have all of our orientations on there as well. The platform just brings it all together in one easy package. Having everything so close and convenient, it’s like a portable office.”

  • Aaron Michaux, Construction Safety Officer

Safety Reports

With SiteMax, the OH&S crew at Bold Construction not only have a solution to keep all of their reports easy to access and organized in one app, they also have a set of features to make their day-to-day tasks easier to manage — helping them complete routine tasks faster and more effectively, so they can keep projects moving forward safely and up to regulation.

“SiteMax makes the inspection part of my job easiest of all, from a day to day level. The ability to take photos. The ability to document things when I see them. I’m not running around fetching paperwork all the time. It’s right there when I need it. It helps resolve hazards a ton quicker.”

  • Aaron Michaux, Construction Safety Officer

Effective day-to-day field reporting is a crucial part of every successful construction project. Reporting needs to be accurate, on-point and fully up-to-date — all activities and issues accessible anywhere, on all devices in real-time.

With SiteMax Systems, Aaron and the rest of the Bold Construction safety crew gain the most comprehensive safety reporting software in the industry; integrated with automated reporting which collects all the day’s forms and data, making easy access reports for the office teams and clients.

Communication & Safety Coordination

One of the toughest parts of Aaron’s job is coordinating safety meetings with the various trades on Bold’s construction sites. Having everything he needs to maintain communication and compliance with the various trades all accessible from his pocket makes his life a ton easier.

With project-focused messaging and communication channels, he’s able to distribute and relay important information to specific groups, company wide, or back with the office whenever necessary.

“One of the biggest up sides of SiteMax I’d tell other safety officers is the ease in which to maintain compliance with the trades.”

“Having everything super close to home and online makes the coordination a lot easier. And the fluid communication from the office to myself, back and forth, is amazing.”

  • Aaron Michaux, Construction Safety Officer – Bold Construction

Again, this is what it takes to make your mark in Construction in 2019: build your value as a construction firm by taking advantage of the new technology that is now in reach. In this industry, every advantage is a good one, and now, it’s never been so easy to adopt the same software tools and innovations as construction industry leaders in North America. It’s right there waiting for you. Try it today.

Want to sign up?

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