Business in Vancouver Covers Rectify Deficiency Module

Proficient when deficient

Vancouver-based SiteMax Systems Inc. made its name developing project management software for contractors, beginning with Wales McLelland Construction Ltd.

Now, it’s setting its sights on the downside of construction: deficiencies.

During the Buildex Express show in Vancouver last week SiteMax showcased Rectify, a new application that will launch in November. The service is free for up to 100 deficiencies on a single property, and $59 a year for a subscription that will cover multiple properties.

The service operates on a mobile platform, allowing remote management and interaction between a client, contractor, insurers and friends to whom the client might want to refer the contractor.

“You can share your deficiency with anybody,”

explained James Faulkner, president and co-founder of SiteMax.

“I have a structure around how much I’m going to pay them, how much I’m going to hold back till it’s finished, and then there’s a record of this deficiency that’s been done for my house.”

Faulkner believes the service could benefit people renting out a portion of their homes, or managing a small portfolio of condos.

“They have to rely on that contractor to have their own process, and I can tell you from my experience, they don’t all have one,” he said. “It puts the power in the consumer’s hands to manage their people.” 

by Peter Mitham -BIV

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