SiteMax Systems Inc. | Building an International Construction Business with Generational Legacy | the Site Visit Ep. 058

Building an International Construction Business with Generational Legacy | the Site Visit Ep. 058

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On this episode of the Site Visit Podcast, James and Christian chat with Milan Mann from the BM Group about growing up in a family construction business and what it’s like cutting your teeth on the jobsite. We also discuss building a strong culture and team of high performers and how to expand your contracting business through strategic acquisitions. We enjoyed our conversation with Milan and believe that his insights on daily routines and the world of Construction and Real Estate are well-timed for 2022.

The BM Group origin story

Like many construction business owners, the story of BM Group began when Milan’s father, Balrag Mann, immigrated to Canada as a young teenager. He wasted no time putting himself through school and becoming a civil engineer, where he found his footing in materials testing in the early 90s. Off the side of his desk, Balraj discovered his knack for building residential homes and small multi-family projects and inevitably found himself leaving what a comfortable career was. Milan states that his father “bet the farm” in 2004 and became an entrepreneur. Not long after, having already built up a solid real-estate portfolio, the downturn hit, and it quickly became apparent that all the eggs could not be in one basket. In 2010 the opportunity presented itself to diversify, and the pursuit of acquiring other like-minded and complimentary contracting businesses began.

Milan shares the stresses of building a Construction business in the recessionary times of 2008.

The difference in Quality, Integrity and Legacy

The BM group thrives on its timeless founding principles. However, they often need help to follow through with a high degree of excellence. Having had them instilled in him at an early age, Milan notes that legacy is the catalyst behind the sustainability and longevity of the business and why they’re “here to stay.” Being involved in the family business from a young age gave Milan the required knowledge and experience to build a successful business and the passion and conviction to carry the torch to the next generation.

James offers one of his classic, hard-hitting metaphors, making comparisons to the fast-food industry. Milan agrees.

Building forward

Milan is a big believer in professional development and continuous improvement. For his employees, intentional action plans map opportunities across their group. Milan has also taken on the challenge of returning to school to complete his MBA at Simon Fraser University. He is also a member of YPO (Young Presidents Organization), a global leadership community of extraordinary chief executives. What makes all the difference is Milan’s commitment to the future, doubling down on what the family has been doing for the past two decades, building quality projects, empowering people, and preserving the ethos of the businesses joining the BM Group.

Milan shares his desire to remain in the family business and gain an external perspective via strategic initiatives.

About Milan Mann & the BM Group

Milan Mann is the President of Real Estate and Construction at the BM Group of Companies, a family-owned portfolio of 16 businesses, supported by a team of over 400 and headquartered in British Columbia with offices in Seattle, Portland, Toronto and New Delhi. Raised in the construction industry, Milan strives to embody BMG’s core values of Quality, Integrity and Legacy. While maintaining his humble roots, Milan builds on the BM Group of Companies’ decades of industry-leading expertise to provide communities with an innovative approach to real estate development. Milan is committed and focused on growing the BM Group’s legacy for generations to come.

The BM Group represents an alliance of companies within the construction sector that complement and support each other to deliver outstanding service, highly specialized skills, and exceptional quality control from start to finish. The companies work seamlessly together on every undertaking to offer cost-effective solutions and ensure that projects are completed on schedule and to everyone’s satisfaction. This united value-added approach has created a solid foundation for success and resulted in a long list of loyal clients.

Headquartered in British Columbia and primarily serving the Lower Mainland, The BM Group also has expanded operations and significant holdings in other parts of Canada, the USA and South East Asia.

The BM Group of Companies includes:
Contech Services
Dallas Watt Demolition
Greenstone Ready Mix Concrete
Manorlane Homes
Penmat Contracting & Project Management
Polycrete Restorations
RMX Logistix
TEK Roofing
Urban Sawing & Scanning
YAAT Concrete

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