10 Dec

Technology that is Changing the Construction Industry

The construction industry is notorious for jumping in slow to new technology.

Sure, sometimes that hesitation is a good thing. A lot of new technologies comes and go, and a chunk of what were built-up

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1 Dec

Going Paperless in Construction has Never Been Easier

Going paperless with SiteMax can save your managers an hour each work day

Less paperwork, more building—it’s our motto for a reason.

In construction, there’s a ton of time wasted on paperwork. And worse than

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26 Jan

Marijuana + Construction

What effect will the legalization of marijuana have on construction site personnel dynamics?

To say that this is a controversial issue is an understatement, legalization of Marijuana in Construction will be a hot topic

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5 Jan

Time Tracking Your Employees with GPS in Construction… is it…

Time Tracking your employees with GPS in construction… is it worth it? What are the positives and negatives and what other factors are impacted by this HR move. What options are there, and is

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construction software

25 May

7 Ways to Get New Construction Software Buy In

Lets face it; change takes effort, no matter what you are doing. But thought that someone else’s new idea is being imposed upon you without your say is not received fondly. No-one really likes

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31 Jan

Connect Your Construction Workers to the Office

As a General Contractor you need to know what is going on at your projects. SiteMax boasts electronic onsite Purchase Orders, a Timecard System for self performance work, Interactive Safety Reports, Punch list, a myriad

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