Beating The Monday Morning Blues…

In the construction and trade industry, there is no denying the level of work that is required to successfully complete a project.

The amount of output required can be intense. There are projects to complete, staff to manage, clients to make happy. With all of this, sometimes you need to remember to take a break when you have the chance. Have you found yourself leaving the office or job site on Friday and thinking about the details of a project over the weekend? Sometimes, it is unavoidable and you will find yourself working over the weekend but for the most part, taking a break is critical to your success and longevity.

Have you felt over worked during the weekend and returning on Monday with “the blues?” Here are 5 tips to beat those Monday Morning Blues..

1) Unplug on the weekend

Sometimes this can be the most challenging thing to do, but it is critical in order to avoid burnout down the road. If possible, avoid checking work e-mail over the weekend. It can be extremely tempting but remember that when you get back to work on Monday, you want to avoid feeling as if you have been working since Friday.

2) Make time for a little exercise

Everyone is aware that exercise releases endorphins which keep your mood boosted, however, we still manage to feel as if we don’t have enough time to work out and are always trapped in a crunched schedule. Take as little as 5 minutes a day to squeeze in a short workout that can fit into your schedule and instantly boost your mood and productivity. This doesn’t need to be anything intense, but imagine walking to lunch rather than jumping into your car.

3) Don’t skip out on breakfast

This is a rule of thumb for everyday but especially on Mondays! Eating a hearty breakfast is a fantastic way to set the pace for the rest of the day. You will feel fuelled and ready to go for the rest of the day.

4) Try to make the most of your morning

When your’e fresh from the weekend, Monday morning is the best time to tackle cognitive tasks before noon. Think about the reporting, and prep you may have to do before managing your staff and the job site. Studies have shown that you do your best thinking early in the morning. The SiteMAX Systems project and site management application allows you to do this with ease in a matter of minutes from any mobile location (hey, maybe you can work from home if you choose!)

5) Reward yourself

One way to keep your head high is to keep sight of your goals or activities you’re looking forward to. Whether it be a project that you are managing at the job site, or setting a goal for what needs to get done that day. Set your goals and reward yourself after.

It is imperative to successfully complete your project at work but remember that in order to be sustainable, you must take some time for yourself. Working from a mobile location can also be ideal and the SiteMAX mobile application allows you to operate and manage your construction or trade business from virtually anywhere. Book your demo with us and learn how!

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