The Story of SiteMax


Our Team

We love construction and the building of things and work very hard to please our customers and support our staff in doing so. Creating apps and solutions for an industry, often resistant to change, is a challenge that we take on each and every day. From our clients to our staff, we uphold a high level of accountability and dedication to our customers’ businesses and our own.


James Faulkner

CEO & Founder

Christian Hamm


Nikolay Gorb

Senior Engineer

SiteMax Team

Braden Barwich

Director of Sales

Jordyn Field

Account Executive

Daniel Wilkinson

Account Executive

Julien Lavy

Director of Customer Success

Tawna Hill


Jake Downie

Customer Onboarding

Jordan Max-Brown

Business Development

Dylan Robinson

Customer Success

Galym Amirov

Web Application Engineer

Alex Romaniuk

Mid Level Developer

Sam Kim

Middleware Engineer

Alex Pavlov

Junior Engineer

Tom Ritzker

Customer Success Manager

James Hielema

Business Development

John Daniel

Marketing Specialist

Stacey Silva

Customer Success Manager

Sam Nelson

Business Development

Liz Stephenson

Marketing Content Specialist

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We are entrepreneurial, resourceful, talented and really into what we do. If you are like that and want
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