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5 Ways to Go Paperless with SiteMax

Old habits die hard. 

It’s the age-old saying that we mutter when failing to kick an impulse. And, rightfully so, be it punting a daily puff or succumbing to the scroll of social feeds, old habits are really difficult to overcome. 

The construction industry is no different. When it comes to getting rid of poor practice, many still resort to paper and pen when conducting important tasks. In 2017, JBKnowledge reported that nearly 50% of tradespeople still manually prepare and process reports, which can be costly from both a financial and an efficiency standpoint.

“$31 billion is wasted on rework due to miscommunication and having inaccurate data on-site.”

 SiteMax is a construction management platform that was created to seamlessly integrate within any on-site workflow. In three short years, we’ve helped companies across North America make the switch to a paperless process. And, for those still stuck in an old habit, we’ve identified 5 ways SiteMax makes your process less paper dependent and more workflow efficient. 

1. Ditching daily (paper) reports. 

Daily reports are typically printed and filled out each day by a site superintendent or foreman. As these summaries pile up, they are periodically delivered to administrative staff for review. SiteMax eliminates this paperwork by digitizing daily reports within the platform. You can either use our library of report templates or have us build custom forms that fit your specific needs. Employees can select the desired report and fill directly from their mobile or tablet. Completed forms are saved to the project and time stamped for the project manager to see. 

2. Consolidating safety data in one, secure place. 

With many complex moving parts, keeping track of safety assessments, incidents, and the people involved can be problematic on paper. Often reporting can alter as incidents are uncovered, forcing messy changes on important reporting documentation. SiteMax streamlines safety management into one place. Create checklists, track employee certification, and maintain compliance, while having trends available for safety audits and improvements.

3. Tracking time from any mobile device. 

The monotony of hard copy time cards, excel sheets, or third-party platforms should be much easier. Within SiteMax, employees can track directly from their phone while on site. No more guess-timating or tallying times at the end of each day. SiteMax accurately captures your hard work in real-time for tracking that’s always at the tip of your finger.

“92% of the construction industry uses a smartphone daily for work.” 

4. Collaborating on tasks in the cloud. 

Tasks are made more efficient when they can be tackled together. In SiteMax, you can collaborate with others directly from the cloud. Create simple to-do’s for yourself or more extensive project tasks to include team members. Lists can also be used as a snapshot of what’s to come. Filter by day, week, or month and export your view for more informative project updates.

“45% of construction project management workflows are still depending on spreadsheets.” 

5. Detailing changes to drawings, digitally. 

Digital drawing management enables you to take control of what’s required. No more printers or remote servers, easily upload and access your most up-to-date drawing set in SiteMax. Drawings can be viewed from any device (even offline) and can be linked to punch items, photos, RFIs, and documents directly within the project file. Even better, SiteMax allows users to make mark-ups directly to the drawing detail, enabling permission-based sharing with your subcontractors and consultants. 

In today’s modern workforce, the switch to a digital workflow has become a no-brainer—save paper, improve efficiency. However, often these workflows are difficult to adopt because of platform complexities and varying user proficiencies. We’ve aimed to make SiteMax as simple as possible, empowering those at every level and position the opportunity to work smarter on site

To hear how quick SiteMax can make you paperless and improve your site efficiency, schedule a free 30-minute demo with one of our platform experts.

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