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5 Ways to Make Your Construction Company More Eco-Friendly

The world is evolving and it is becoming necessary for companies to go green. Not only is it our moral obligation to the planet but it also helps clients put their trust in you. As we are now in 2017, we have put together a list of 5 ways to make your construction company more green in the new year.

1.  Get Green Certification

Get your hands on green certification for your project. This shows the world and your stakeholders that you are taking the planet into consideration when carrying out a project. There a few different certifications available in Canada, however LEED is a great place to start. Check them out!

2.  Use Sustainable Materials

The current way of building is not sustainable due to the large amounts of CO2 produced during and after construction. We have a few materials that you can implement right away that will turn your company green.

    • Give sustainable concrete a try – it’s mixed with recycled materials.


    • Consider wool bricks – they’re 37% stronger than regular bricks and use non-toxic and local materials.


    • Why not solar tiles? These tiles are integrated into your building and can generate natural power.


3.  Switch to High Efficiency Lighting

This is a small change with a huge impact. This reduces a companies carbon footprint while also reducing your monthly electric bill. Give them a try!

4.  Seek Out Green Sub-Trades

A sure way to know that your project is green is to contract like-minded sub trades. There are many eco-friendly solutions to flooring, windows, heating, electrical and more. If you seek them, you are sure to find them.

5.  Get Rid of Paper and Switch to Technology!

There is no need to lug around binders of paper documents with you on the job site anymore. Not only is this wasteful but it is extremely inefficient. You can go green and save time with the help of construction site management software like SiteMax Systems. This completely eliminates paper waste by switching everything to digital and increases all around productivity. 

Move with the times, set your company ahead of the crowd and turn green today!

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